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10 Finest first experiences one should not miss (Adore ’em)

First experience as a *Blogger*

Hey, there! Since the minute I made the decision to start a blog( I still have no idea what led to that decision, by the way), I’ve been thinking so much about my first blog post. Writing an introductory blog post is one of the toughest things when you think of starting a blog (at least for me). I was so edgy till the moment I hit the publish button as it’s one of my best first experiences. After a lot of brain racking, something popped up in my head. It’s so fitting for what I’m experiencing now. So, this is about “when was the last time you did something for the first time”. That feeling you get when you’re doing something new for the first time and all those first experiences are indescribable.

As for me, writing a blog isn’t even in my craziest dreams. Lol! I’ve never ever thought I’d be doing this one day. Many times we feel that we need a break from our routine jobs, don’t we!? So, I’ve made a list of things you can do when you feel monotonous and you want to live those first experiences. Treasure those moments and cherish them. I’m sure this listicle will lift your spirits. Read till the end, I’ve saved the best to reveal at the end. *Wink*

Now, You’re gonna love all of ’em! 

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First experiences you shouldn’t miss at any cost

Things mentioned in this article are quite simple but no one ever denied ’em being the best situations to experience.

1. Spend a night under the stars

Sometimes you gotta slow down to catch the nicest views. Trust me, you would thank me later! I did this when I was little and I couldn’t forget that moment til now.

first experience

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2. Gatecrash a party

This will most certainly bring out the craziest side of yours.

first experience

3. If you haven’t set your foot in the kitchen yet, go make something

Don’t bother how that tastes. All you need now is a ‘change’. That’s it! One tip here- if you’re a gal, let your dad first taste it and for a boy, better be your mom. They’ll make you feel like you’ve won an Oscar or something.

first experience

4. Go to a new place and make some new friends

Meeting new people will brighten up your day.

first experience

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5. Flash mob

You might have danced when you’re alone. Now for a change do that little dancey thing in a crowd. you’ll feel much better. You don’t have to be perfect but just enjoy yourself while dancing. This will be your craziest first experience ever.

first experience

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6. Sit in a garden/terrace and sing loud

Just sing your heart out in an open pleasant place!! Sing like no one’s watching you.

first experience

7. Make a bucket list

Well, everyone has wishes. I’m not talking about life goals but those little things you wish to do since a long time. I made my bucket list couple of weeks ago and it’s such a fun thing to do. I’m telling you, you should definitely try this. Make a note of every bit of your first experience, one day you’ll feel nostalgic reading all those.

first experience

8. Get ready just like your mom

Not just you, even your mom would love this. This would also be an awesome first experience for your mom, as well. This way you’ll get to spend some time with your mom. Pick out your fave picture of your mom and dress up just like her. You can even collage both of your pictures and post on Facebook. You’ll get tons of likes! I had done this and it’s an amazing first experience which both of us, me and my mom, enjoyed.

first experience

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9. Girls/boys night out

I don’t have to say anything about this. We all know this! You probably should’ve done this by now, if not hurry up! Sharing our first experience of something with someone next to our heart is more than special.

first experience

Here comes the most exciting part!

10. Best of all: Find your look alike

I dying to find this out!!!!! Who doesn’t want to find out their twin stranger! For that these websites might be helpful for you, I LOOK LIKE YOU and TWIN STRANGERS. Even I wanna find out my look-alike and I’m sure one day I would also blog about the interaction with my twin stranger.

first experience

These are simple yet unforgettable. Don’t you think these first experiences are as important as earning bucks? If you have any such memorable first experience, feel free to share with us.

P.S: This day has topped my list of “My most cherished first experiences”. This is my first blog post and next posts will keep on getting better. So, I’m kinda hoping you liked it and will click the ‘follow’ button. Also, share your most memorable first experience.


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