Your achievements are way more than you think

Hey, today I’m gonna talk about achievements. Now, I will ask you a question and you try to answer yourself in a flash. Here comes the question, “What have you achieved so far?”. Do you have an answer for that or you’re thinking hard to find out? Let me be more clear. Not just one of us, we’re all achievers. We all have achieved so many things which we haven’t even taken credit for yet. Many people feel depressed that they’re not doing as good as others and keep on comparing. But that’s not the truth.
Okay, let me ask you one more question, “How do you define an achievement?”. Don’t google it! Achievements are something that makes us a better person. Some of them might be dainty that you can’t even realize it made so much difference. Every teeny thing that made you a better person is an achievement. Don’t overlook ’em. As far as I’m concerned, achievement is something that can’t be measured. It’s not quantitative. Achievements are qualitative, means the quality of your character. The higher the quality of your character is, the higher your achievements are.
Many of us think things, like getting rich, going abroad, getting a doctorate, popularity etc, are achievements. Of course yes they are, but there are many others as well.
For suppose,

1. Being optimistic

2. Helping someone needy

3. Making your child a better person

4. Respecting even those who humiliated you

5. Confronting your problems strongly

6. Accepting yourself for who you are

7. Respecting elders

8. Treating everyone with kindness and love

9. Following your dreams no matter how many times you failed

10. Doing everything humanly possible to make things right

11. Accepting your mistakes

12. Smiling always

13. Down to earth attitude (which I feel, is best of all)

14. Not letting down your confidence even at the worst times

15. Contentment

……….just to name a few. See, they sound amazing, don’t they!? Life is so simple, we are complicating it. Still, you don’t find any of your achievements, then you should get to know yourself better. Because I’m certain that you’re an achiever.
To get to know yourself better, I’ll give you an idea. Take a notepad or a mobile phone and write every little positive thing you have done every day and have a look at ’em at the end of every month. In just 2 to 3 months you’ll get a better picture of yourself.
I’m not saying you need not do anything big. You should always aim high but before that, you have to accept the things you have already achieved and go towards your life goals with that confidence. Because even if you have reached the stars without achieving any of those little things I’ve mentioned above, you can’t be happy with yourself.


As it’s said above, let your small achievements be the beginning of your biggest dreams.


So, the bottom line is, whatever you do must be good both for you and the society and those tiny achievements of your’s do matter more than you know.
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