6 ways to use a self-tanner on face (Tips & Caution)

You have finally understood thoroughly self-tanning of your face. You hardly ever stop off with orange anymore. But when it comes to your face that can be a little slippery. That is why these tips for self-tanning your face come in. Because it is one thing to attempt and obscure streaky ankles and elbows, but it is a little difficult to hide errors on your face. And it is not exactly good for your skin to come in and try to exfoliate away a bad tan on coming day one.

The good news, though, is that self-tanning your face is not that much different from self-tanning your body. You will take some kind of cautions as you would tan your arms and legs, just with a smaller, more detailed area in general. The real issues come with how dark of a color you should choose in comparison with your body, and what to do with those uncanny borders like your eyebrows and hairline. But awe not. There are ways of how to use self-tanner on the face to look it totally natural.

1. Cleanse your face

Before you apply self-tanner to your face, cleanse your skin first. Whatever type of your skin is, it is best to show off well before tanning. If your skin dry, flaky, it is hard to make application of self-tanner smoothly and you will stop with a spot look in place of a charming look.

By taking away the upmost layer you are guaranteeing the tan grows in a new layer. Besides dry skin inclines to take in more color. To exfoliate, please use a cloth or mop gel to clean off entire the areas you are tanning.

2. Moisturize

Using lotion or balm to snare the humidity after the shower. Permit it to fully take in your face and neck around an hour before your application of self-tanner.

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3. Pick your self-tanner and apply it the right way

Choosing a self-tanner type: There are extremely self-tanner products available on the market and not easy to select one that suitable for you. Few formulas acquiesce you to set up a tan step by step for some days, while another promptly spot your skin coppery. Some formulas are long-standing, while other bear away after some days or rinse off within one day. Here are some products suitable for you:

Self-tanner with gradual formulas: Self-tanner with gradual formulas usually comprise DHA or Erythrulose, they react amino acids to skin exterior to make a darker skin color. Once application will dim the skin jut by a shadow then you can hold applying the tanner over some days to gain the color which you want.

Tanner with instant formulas: All instant tanner in a form of the aerosol which you can utilize promptly for a sunny look. Some last in two weeks, while others can be cleaned off within a day. The instant formula is complicated to apply since they spot the skin at once and might create stripes.

Tanning formulas for face: Seek for self-tanners suitable with you is not a simple work. While almost self-tanner effect well on the face evenly well, you will want to have one individually for your face if the skin is fussy.

Pick a suitable color: You possess sightly skin, select the light to intermediate color. You possess tan skin, pick a dark color. You can put more self-tanner in order to heighten your tan in case that first application seems too faint.

How to apply:

+ Using a tanning mitt or put on a pair of latex gloves. This will guard your palms against turning “orange”. Your palms do not naturally tan, so if you get self-tanner on them, it will be a dead spring that your tan came from a bottle instead of the sun rays. If you do not have gloves, you should clean off your hands with soap after application to remove self-tanner.

+ You should apply some petroleum gelatin to your eyebrows first, that way the tanning lotion will not gather up there and darken the area too much.

+ Be careful not to apply too much tanning lotion on your upper lip to avoid absorbability much more than other areas on the face.

+ Remember to apply it behind your ears and the back of your neck.

4. Take care of your hairline:

By application of Vaseline where the hair meets the scalp to keep away tanner from seepage.

5. Be careful over the wrinkles

Like close to the corner of the nose and higher up the lips. If application too plenty, the lotion will gather up in this these areas.

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6. Wait

Keep off contact with anything or anyone for the first 15 minutes. Try to wait 8 hours before showering again. Do not exfoliate for some days. Wait at least 8 hours before second tanner application.


Even though the lotion comprises sunscreen, do not to wait for it to protect you against the sun. Sunscreen is supposed to be applied freely, so the thin layer you put on with self-tanner is not going to do much.

The reaction between your skin and the chemicals in tanner may create an unpleasant smell. It will be off after some hours.

If you’re now feeling confident about tanning your face, 6 mentioned tips will be a user manual to settle up the questionnaire of how to use self-tanner on the face. Hope these tips will help you to make up your face to look it sexier.

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6 ways to use self-tanner on face
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