Apple Cider Vinegar: Is it worth the hype?

Vinegar is made when bacteria feed on sugars and alcohol in fruit juices, wine, honey, and similar liquids. The resultant solution is acetic acid that possibly has other nutrients as well. Apple cider vinegar is made from the juice from apples. Some people might feel that this does not seem extraordinary as compared to other kinds of vinegar. Perhaps the smell and mild flavor have done wonders to its reputation. However, It has wonderous health benefits and is a kitchen staple and is totally worth the hype. It can be used for your hair, to improve your skin texture, to bid those pesky pimples goodbye, salad dressings, various dishes and what not!

Plus points of Apple cider vinegar

The health benefits of Apple cider vinegar are as ensuring:

1. Weight loss

According to a study, overweight people who drank apple cider vinegar in moderation (1-2 ounce) were found to be losing fat faster and lost belly fat as well. However, there isn’t any evidence or proof that increasing the intake of apple cider vinegar accelerated fat loss any further.

2. Blood Sugar level

Apple cider vinegar helps regulate and control the blood sugar level of diabetic patients. It controls the amount of glucose in the blood and lowers the risk of heart diseases, strokes, blindness etc. that are caused due to high blood sugar levels.

3. Fights Germs

The acetic acid in it kills the germs in your food or salad and helps make the dish healthier. But it isn’t good at disinfecting a wound and because the acidic content it might even burn the skin.

4. Insulin control

Apple cider vinegar helps check the insulin levels or makes them lower after meals. This regulates the level of sugar in the blood and uses this glucose for energy. But too much insulin released too often can lead to type 2 diabetes.

5. Effective for Jellyfish Sting

The best home remedy to stay safe from a jellyfish sting is vinegar. Apply vinegar on the wound or injured area. The vinegar helps alleviate the wound and prevents the venom from getting into the skin cells. Directly apply the vinegar on the sting to stop the venom from spreading to other parts of the body. The acid that is present in the vinegar averts the venom from spreading inside the human body.

6. Dandruff

It is said to add shine and bounce to your hair, detangles hair and removes any product build-up. Start by mixing 1 part water with 1 part apple cider vinegar. Pour this mixture over the length of your hair, let it stay for 5 minutes and then wash out. Make it more diluted if you have sensitive skin as the vinegar is quite acidic.

7. Acts as a deodorizer

As opposed to artificial deodorizer, it is effective to wipe your underarms with a cloth dipped in diluted apple cider vinegar. It is a popular homemade alternative to commercial products. It is also said to lighten dark underarms.

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8. The risk of cancer

Apple cider vinegar is said to lower the risk of cancer.  It is shown to have killed cancer-causing cells under the test tube studies. However, other studies have linked it to an increased risk of bladder cancer. So there is insufficient evidence to make any claims whether or not apple cider vinegar lowers the risk of cancer.

9. Teeth whitening

It is often claimed that apple cider vinegar whitens the teeth, but it also wears out the top protective layer of the teeth known as enamel.

10. Curbs your appetite

Apple cider vinegar is a weight loss aid; thus, it is effective in making you feel full. It is said to make you consume lesser calories, lose weight and belly fat.

11. Facial Toner

Anecdotally, apple cider vinegar helps to subside the signs of aging and has regenerative properties to prevent skin problems. It is popularly used as a skin toner. Mix one part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water. This is then applied to the skin using a cotton pad. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to make a more diluted solution. Undiluted apple cider vinegar is very acidic and is not recommended to be used directly.

Bottom line?

So many health benefits but it’s still advisable to not overdo it. It can cause stomach infections and other problems in your body. Usually, 1-2 spoons a day can suffice your Apple cider vinegar intake and show the health benefits people claim it performs. Apple cider vinegar is an extremely volatile homemade solution for a lot of problems and offers a ton of other uses. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult a doctor before you start taking apple cider vinegar is not so mild quantities.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Is it worth the hype?
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Apple Cider Vinegar: Is it worth the hype?
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  1. Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for health care and skin care. The apple cider vinegar diet is a probiotic and has many additional health benefits. It is great for many skin problems and infections because many active ingredients present in it. Thanks for sharing.

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