Beauty Product Reviews: Stuff I added to my beauty shelf this month

Hey, you guys! Guess what, I went on a shopping spree this month and got home a lot of goodies (some necessary, some not so necessary) from outfits to cosmetics. But in here I’m gonna show and review the beauty products I have bought this month. Two of them are common but two of them are a little out of my element. I usually prefer a more sober and minimal makeup, but this time I have made up my mind to try something out of the box. Nevertheless, no matter what I choose I made sure it suits me well. Just to try something different I can’t compromise on how I look, right. I can’t wait to share them with y’all…So…without any further ado, let’s get rolling with our beauty product reviews!

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Beauty Product Reviews

1. Loreal Paris Mega volume Blue Mascara {Miss Baby Roll}

This one is so so magical when I wear it. I was thinking whether to buy it or not for a long time and when I tried it on for the very first time, I fell for it instantly. I knew I had to buy it. It transforms the look completely in a mystical way.

beauty product reviews

2. Vine red lipstick from Chambor {406}

This one just joined my absolute favorite lipsticks club. I always have an affinity for bold colors but I seldom put one on myself. And, this one here is a winner. It is a transfer proof matte lipstick. This one also doesn’t settle in the fine lines. It doesn’t get lips chapped, unlike many other matte lipsticks. It doesn’t smudge, transfer, and lasts super long. What else can we ask for, girls!!

beauty product reviews

3. Flaw finish concealer from Chambor {101}

I have purchased the first two products on a whim, whereas this one is just a necessity as I ran out of my concealer. I used to use an L’Oreal perfect match concealer, but I think this one is a tad bit better than my earlier choice. First off, it has a good coverage. As far as I’m concerned, it really is a better one.

beauty product reviews

4. Foundation from Chambor {Enriched revitalizing makeup}

beauty product reviews

Basically, I never use a foundation, I just dab on a little concealer here and there and apply a little highlighter (You can scope out my everyday makeup here). That is all I do generally (as I prefer a more natural look) but this time, I wanted to put in a little more effort. Hence, I bought a foundation now. It’s SPF 18, I think that’s good. Also, it has a good coverage.

So…voila! My top pick would be the vine red lipstick. And if you want to try something different, the blue mascara would be a good one to start with.

PS: If you guys want me to do any other beauty product reviews, comment down. I will try to do it ASAP!


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