Beauty Subscription Boxes India: 5 Places to crack a Beauty Deal

Want to try out different cosmetics, or have cute goodies, but no idea where to find them? Or if somewhere is the right place to get them (considering quality and all)? Forget all the fuss and go pick one of the *Beauty Subscription Boxes* available. They’ll take care of the rest.

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice surprise?!

And to have one, you don’t have to wait until someone does.

You can give yourself a surprise. How? Subscribe to one of these *Beauty Boxes* and that’s it, you are all set. Or subscribe for somebody else and light up their whole day. That’s the best thing to do if you love the element of surprise and to try out new things! You don’t know what’s inside the box and you’re kinda excited to see and try them out. If you subscribe to any of the boxes I’m going to tell you now, you’ll be getting such a surprise every month and you can also get a discount on the price of the products. Ergo, it’s a win-win.

Beauty Subscription Boxes India

I have no clue that such boxes even exist before I became a blogger and I just came across a couple of these a while back which I really liked, so I did my homework and dug out some other similar beauty subscription boxes for you that are so worth giving a shot.

OK, let’s get into it!!

1. Fab Bag

My first choice would be Fab Bag because it’s quite pocket-friendly compared to the other beauty subscription boxes India. Fab Bag offers you different kinds of plans, one month, 3-month, 6-month and one year. I subscribed to a 3-month plan which is of 1599 rs, that is, 533 rs for one month. They will be sending you a bag full of trial-sized fab products at the end of every month.

My only disappointment with this is they’re just trial products and not full-sized. I just have to wait and see if my opinion changes when I receive my Fab Bag. But still, for starters, I suggest beginning with this one. Because it’s affordable.

Cost: 599/- for one month, 1599/- for 3 months, 2899/- for 6 months, 4999/- for 12 months.

2. Sugar Box

Sugar box is slightly pricey than the Fab Bag (it’s one-month subscription almost equaled to Fab Bag’s 3 months subscription) but it’s definitely worth the price as it’s going to give you a wide range of cosmetics, full-sized. If at all you are skeptical about spending money on a box with unknown products, there’s a section of previous boxes they have sent out and you can also purchase them. Unlike the Fab Bag, Sugar Box contains food as well, brownies, candies or something you might enjoy. Oops, forgot, outfits also.

And you know what’s the best part, the SUGAR BOX box will give you premium full-sized products rather than the samples as the other websites I mentioned in one of my earlier posts on how to get free beauty products and even some of the boxes coming up next. Considering this, that slight price escalation from Fab Bag is totally justified.

Cost: 14,388/- for 1 year, 7794/- for 6 months, 4197/- for 3 months, 1499/- for 1 month.

3. My Lady Raga

This one is also rather affordable like Fab Bag. They will send you 3 to 5 products, samples or premium. The products may be anything from jewelry, beauty, fashion, or any other lifestyle-related. And what I love is, it says the box also contains a surprise gift for you.

Cost: Rs.555 for 1 month, Rs.1560 for 3 months and Rs.2999 for 6 months.

4. GloBox

The next one is, GloBox. This one made all the box details super clear. The box will contain 5 product that are full-sized, along with one free gift. And this box is more of budget-friendly kinda thing rather than a surprise because you design your box. So, it’ll be no surprise but you can say it’s your wish box. You pay a thousand bucks and you will get products worth 5000/-. After Fab Bag, this is something I’d want to go for.

Cost: 999/- monthly, 2847/- for 3 months, 5514/- for 6 months, and 10549/- for 1 year.

5. The Nature’s co beauty wish box

This is definitely a steal. You’ll be receiving a box of 5 to 7 full-sized products. And there’s also a free gift along with the box on the half-yearly and annual subscriptions. Unlike most of the other beauty boxes, this one here also made cash on delivery option available.

Cost: Rs. 795/- per month, quarterly subscription @Rs. 715/- per month, half-yearly subscription @Rs. 666/- per month

Voila! These are the beauty boxes I thought were best to give a try.

All of these beauty subscription boxes swore to introduce YOU to something new and exciting every month.

I only subscribed to Fab Bag so far but I’ll be subscribing to every other beauty box here one after one and put up a detailed review here sometime later. So, stay tuned to Nikki’s talk.

See Ya!

*Subscribe, Subscribe & Subscribe*

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