Beauty with a purpose: Why choose Cruelty-free Cosmetics?

Beauty with a purpose. It’s a great thought, right? Having a reasonable and worthy purpose to back up even your tiniest actions is a wonderful thing you can be proud of. And, the beauty industry has so much influence these days that there arises a definite need to set our priorities right. We are not just gonna be some money splurging machines, we are going to have a reason behind it so we can be contented with our purchases. How many of us facepalm after buying cosmetics on a whim that we don’t need? Most of us. But with a thoughtful purchase, it’s going to be a lot different, girl, and that facepalm won’t be needed at all.

If you are not aware yet, let me enlighten you to this. There are certain brands that make cruelty-free, chemical-free and some absolutely vegan products. And, they are just as effective, sometimes, even better.

Firstly, for those of you who are unaware, what are cruelty-free cosmetics?

In a nutshell, “Cruelty-free” simply means that a product and its ingredients weren’t tested on animals in any stage of the development process. Vegan products are defined as being crueltyfree as well as free of animal-derived ingredients.

Why choose cruelty-free Cosmetics?

While there are several reasons to choose cruelty-free cosmetics, the top six reasons are…

1. Animal testing is utterly cruel

Many top brands involve in animal testing for several selfish reasons when there are conclusive, better alternatives. Just because animal testing is low-cost, the major companies that we use often are involving in these disturbing acts that end up blinding, crippling and killing the innocent animals. How absurd it is to think that human skincare would have to kill the other innocent living creatures that have just as much the right to live.

This procedure is prohibited in many countries but there are also some countries that have mandatory animal testing in their laws, like China.

cruelty-free cosmetics

2. Less risk factor

The products that are tested on animals sometimes might not be qualified in human testing at the later stages. If some product needs those many stages of testing, it is evident that the product contains some seriously harmful ingredients. Why take the risk?

Cruelty-free cosmetics have much, much less risk factor. When we have a better and reliable option, why go for the harsh ones?

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3. Better for the health of our Planet

At present, our planet needs all the help we can offer. And this is one of the ways we can help. One, Cruelty-free saves animals. You will be saving many innocent lives. Two, these brands help raise awareness and when you invest in them, you will be a part of it too. And three, giving back to the organizations that initiate a greater cause will leave a mark of impact on them and in a way, on the society, too. Looking at them prosper, many other companies will join them as well.

4. Voting for a greater cause

When you buy a product, it sends a signal to someone that you approve that product and brand. So, we need to carefully put thought into this before buying anything. Because your actions inspire someone else’s and it’s a chain reaction from there.

By buying a product from a cruelty-free beauty brand, you are sending them a message that you support them and that will inspire them to do more noble and ethical work.

5. A purchase that matters

A purchase that backs up a good cause will give you more satisfaction than anything. Like I said before, we have bought so many things on a whim and it only satisfied us (nothing better came out of it). But this time, even if you splurged money on a product you won’t regret it as you very much aware of the fact that your purchase matters now.

6. Your skin would Thank YOU

Trust me on this, cruelty-free cosmetics would feel much better on our skin. If something can have harsh effects on animal, it might have the same effects on us. Because we both are living things (might not fall under the same category but we are both living). Sometimes immediately, sometimes in the long run. So regardless of the time, it will have an effect on us.

So, shift to a better, eco-friendly option. Cruelty-free cosmetics.

cruelty-free cosmetics

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How would you know which brand is cruelty-free?

Some products will be certified by some organizations and one of them is PETA. You can search for any brand on their website and find if they are cruelty-free or not.

Some cruelty-free cosmetics have a leaping bunny on their products which signifies that they are against animal testing.

cruelty-free cosmetics

So, I hope this is informative enough for you to take the right decision and I’ll see you next time. Until then, keep sharing this article who needs to know. Buh-bye!

Lots of LOVE,

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  1. This information is definitely informative! Honestly, it should be a no-brainer to be cruelty free, but unfortunately that’s not the case! I have found some great cruelty free brands though which is exciting!

    -Madi xo

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