An Everyday Makeup Look in only 8 easy steps

Hello, girls!! I’m going to reveal one of my everyday makeup looks today. When it comes to an everyday makeup look, we must try to embrace our natural beauty keeping the application of makeup minimal. We must not go far from what we are.

Let’s jump right into this!!

1. Moisturizer/Primer

First of all, dab on a little moisturizer. It makes the next steps go on smooth. I felt Nivea moisturizer best for this purpose. Or you can also apply face primer which has definitely higher results than that of a moisturizer. Some people apply both, find which style suits your skin the most and do so.

2. Concealer

Concealer, the most important part of this. First and foremost, apply concealer under eyes to cover dark circles. And next, dab some concealer on the scars or blemishes if you have any. But I suggest not to put a thick layer all over your face, just use it wisely. A little imperfection somehow brings out the best in us. So, don’t make it look all plastic. And a little tip here is to apply it under your eyebrows to make your brows look more defined.

3. Defined Brows

Eyebrows are the super important step in any makeup look yet the most neglected one. Use anything you are comfortable, pencil, or a brush, but always keep it in a slant position and avoid putting any harsh lines over your brows. It makes it look so unnatural. So gently define your eyebrows.

4. Nude eyeshadow

As it is an everyday makeup look, we can’t go putting on a darker eyeshadow. But to make your eyes pop for an everyday look without applying a darker eyeshadow, use a nude one. Go over your eyes and gently apply it. It’s invisible but definitely makes your eyes look bright.

5. Brown Eyeliner

These days I’m so loving this brown eyeliner because it’s so great for everyday use and it does not stand out like a black one. So, those preferring light makeup or beginners, this brown eyeliner is definitely worth a try.

6. Brown Mascara

Just like a brown eyeliner, I’ve also chosen a brown mascara to keep the look subtle for everyday routine. It is super gentle and it’s almost impossible to figure if you have put on mascara or not.

7. Lip color

As usual, I picked out a subtle everyday color for lips. This is an everyday makeup look, so, I did not go for reds or other darker shades. Before you apply any lipstick, apply a little lip balm so the lipstick application would be smooth.

8. Boosting oil

For a little sheen, I use boosting oil from L’Oreal Paris. Take a few drops of this oil and apply it on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and chin. It makes this look top notch. This oil is very useful for both everyday and party looks.

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You can also watch this here:

Voila! I hope you liked this everyday makeup look and don’t forget to try and let me know. I’ll soon be back with another interesting topic, see you!

Love, Love!

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