Everyday Natural Eye Makeup 101 (For Beginners)

Hello, lovelies! Recently, I posted a picture on my Instagram account and some of you have DM’ed me asking about the makeup, to be precise the eye makeup, I had on in that picture. I know how we girls are interested in the everyday natural eye makeup than once a while party looks. So… I thought I’ll give you a little tutorial for the same. I promise it’s going to be very, very easy to re-create for the beginners and flaunt it. Okay then, without any more further ado, let’s get started with it.

So… this is the picture I am talking about. It looks really natural, ain’t it?!

everyday natural eye makeup

You all know how I love wearing minimal makeup. That’s exactly what I did with this particular look as well. I mainly focussed on my eye makeup. I usually never leave my house without the eyeliner but here, in this look, I did not put any. So, I’m going to discuss only my eye makeup now, the rest of it is pretty usual.

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 Eye Makeup Tutorial:

  1. Firstly, I primed my eyes. You can use a primer or even a moisturizer that suits your skin. Let it sink in for a minute.
  2. Moving on, take an eye shadow palette of your choice and go for a light brown shade. Apply it in the crease of your eye and work it out down to the upper lash line. You can find a wide range of eye makeup online here.
  3. Next, take a dark brown shade now and apply it in the crease of the eye and slightly work it up. Remember, not too close to your eyebrow, it makes the whole look dramatic. We are going for a casual look, so avoid that.
  4. And then, take an ivory shade or any lighter shade similar to that and apply it to the center of your eye. (The eyelids) Blend it a little to remove any harsh lines.
  5. Take the light brown shade you picked first and apply it lightly under your lower lash line as well, so to give your eyes a little more depth.
  6. Now curl your eyelashes and apply brown mascara. You can apply two to three coats of it depending on the thickness of your lashes. But don’t skip mascara at all, it helps open up your eyes and make it look bright.
  7. Now, define the eyebrows with a pencil or an eyebrow palette as you wish. Well defined eyebrows give the whole outlook a good lift.
  8. Lastly, take a white eyeliner pencil or flesh colored one and apply it on the lower waterline of the eye. Mind you, don’t put too thick of a line, it’ll be artificial.
  9. And to finish off this whole look, apply a little of the ivory eyeshadow or a highlighter near the tear duct area and under the eyebrows.

everyday natural eye makeup


Voila! That’s how I went about with the eye makeup you see in the picture. Rest of the makeup is routine – foundation, concealer and all. I wore a dark neutral color lipstick to give the whole look a little more oomph but if you want it even more casual, you can go for any lighter shade of your choice.

So, I hope you got what you asked for and you liked it. Comment down what else you’d like to see on my channel. I’ll make sure to do it.

See You Later,

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  1. […] I’ve kept the look pretty simple but I adored how fresh this whole look turned out. Coming to makeup, the stars of the show are the gold and pink eyeshadow, and Iconic London highlighter. The little highlights I did at the inner corners of the eyes and lower waterline with gold eyeshadow brightened it. I did not make the eyeshadows too pigmented, I’ve kept it light for a refreshing vibe. And a few coats of mascara. {Recommendation: Everyday Natural Eye makeup 101} […]

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