FAB BAG Subscription: Contents & Review {November Fab Bag 2018}

Hiya! As I have promised to you in my earlier post about the Beauty Subscription Boxes in India, I’m here with the review of my first ever beauty subscription, FAB BAG. For this, I have paid 1599/- for 3 months (that is, do the math, 533/- per month) and in November Fab Bag alone, there are 1300/- worth beauty products. When I received my first Fab Bag, I definitely felt that my Fab Bag Subscription didn’t go to waste. So, enough of blabbering and let’s see what’s inside my November Fab Bag.

November Fab Bag Subscription

I received 5 products in my November Fab Bag and I tried three of them already. The other two I’m yet to try and I’m sure they’re just as good as the products I tried. But as far as the ones I have tried, I really loved all three of them. They definitely chose the best products. These products are such kinds that can complement any skin type.

And three of five are full-size products and the rest two are samples. My only dissatisfaction about it is that I did not quite like the bag they have sent with the products, it’s okay but can be a little more appealing. Okay, let’s see now! {If you are lazy as me to read, scroll down to the last and watch me yap}

1. SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick

In the shade 37 Hot Apricot. I only received the sample size of about 1.5 ML (170/-) of this product. This surely is a savior for girls who are worried about their smudgy lipstick before anything else when they go to a party. It is absolutely transfer proof and it has easily gone for almost five hours straight when I tried. Neither water nor a tissue didn’t budge it at all, I had to use the makeup remover to get it off completely. And it is also extremely light on the skin, more importantly, it didn’t give me chapped lips at the end of the day. Win-win!

2. Fuschia Lavender Hydrating Face Gel

The cost of this is Rs.250/-. This face gel has totally replaced my current moisturizer. It has a cooling factor and is indeed very hydrating on the skin. Not to forget, it has a super refreshing scent. I’m using it every day for the last few days and my skin feels so fresh, and soft after I apply it. I can feel the gel sinking into my skin and brightening it. This is great for every skin type, particularly for dry skinned people.

3. SUGAR Kohl Pencil

It’s in the shade 02 purple rain. Again a full-size product. I tried this almost every day since I received it and it glides with super ease on the skin. It also did not smudge much compared to the Lakme Eyeconic I use usually. This colored eyeliner is something you can put on for even an everyday look. That purple color doesn’t stand out like other vibrant colors, hence making it a product that can blend with all of your looks, both party and casual. And the price of this Kohl pencil is Rs. 499/-.


The fourth item is this face pack from the brand Purple Essentionaturals that contains licorice, rose oil and basil. They have given the full size of this item and its cost is of Rs. 360/-. I did not try this yet but it has a soothing smell, so I guess, it can’t be bad.

5. SebaMed Anti-dry Revitalizing Shampoo

And lastly, a revitalizing shampoo from SebaMed that claims to have significant results in 3 weeks. This one, they have sent only the sample product which is of 20 ML (93/-), and I’m yet to try it.

There you go! 

November Fab Bag Subscription

These are the all five products I received in my November Fab Bag subscription. So, all in all, I’d say my November Fab Bag is a hit for now, and after I try the other two products and if they’re also just as great, then it’ll be a super hit. And they did total justification to the price I have paid.

If you ask me if this Fab Bag is worth subscribing, then, YES. Most certainly.

You can also watch me talk about it here in this video!



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