Festival Skincare Tips: Forget Your Beauty Salon appointment

Festival season is about to begin; Starting from Dussehra there will be back to back festivals to celebrate and we are going to have heck lot of work to manage and also, look beautiful for the day. I believe we all are already pros at both managing the household and taking care of ourselves. But just as a reminder that we owe it to ourselves (and not to compromise), I’m writing this article. Everything I’m going to mention here is very convenient to do right at home (No need to hit the parlor and burn a hole in your pocket). Now, I’m going to try to think hard and list out all the Festival Skincare Tips I could remember; And you make sure to take good care of yourself. That is all I expect in return.

So… without any further ado, let’s get started with it right away!

Festival Skincare Tips

1. Dirt-free Face

First off, we need to keep the dirt off our face. We may not realize but our face catches a lot of dust and dirt as we go through the day, even though you indoors. I came to realize how a dirt-free face feels to touch when I started using facials scrubs. And one best homemade scrub I use is Sugar Scrub. I love my scrubs a little granulated (works well as an exfoliator), that’s why I like to add sugar to it.

How to make it?

Lemon juice + Sugar + Olive oil = Your dream scrub

Use it before the sugar is completely dissolved. That does best for exfoliation.

Depending on your skin type, you can alter this. Usually, olive oil and lemon juice balance it but if it’s too dry and you feel like it, you may avoid too much lemon (or completely); Olive oil and sugar will do the job. If your skin is oily, you may continue lemon juice and avoid olive oil. Make it according to your skin needs.

Recommendation: Pomegranate Face Scrub

Next, blackheads are one annoying thing we can never forget. For that, you can have blackhead removal strips ready at home and you are good to go. This one is extremely handy during busy days, and you definitely need to have one with you at all times if blackheads are your problem. Clear face makes you half ready for the festival.

Lastly, in this dirt-free and clear face segment, eyebrows. Sounds trivial but extremely important. You cannot go to parlor just to get your eyebrows done. There comes this eyebrow razor to your rescue. I’ve been using this for months now and believe me, it got me through some most important days without paying a penny at the beauty parlor.

2. Don’t try new products

The second one in my festival skincare tips, not to use new cosmetics right before the event. 90% of the times, it won’t be a problem but why take the risk. Before any big event or any important day, try not to use any new cosmetic products. Use the ones you are already familiar with and that suits you well.  Again, this sounds unimportant but this is something you shouldn’t overlook. Even a simple rash or zit can ruin your mood and your day, so careful.

3. Your eyes should sparkle

Eyes hold half the charm. If your eyes twinkle when you smile, that’s it; You will be the center of attention for the day. As much as your eyes hold the charm is a fact, it shows in your eyes when you are tired or stressed is also true.

  • Roll an ice cube under your eyes to brighten ’em up. This is my number one tip for tired eyes.
  • Slice up a cucumber and place the chilled cucumber slices on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Don’t sleep with lights on. This might sound strange but sleeping with lights on can be stressful on your eyes. Lights reflecting on your eyes all night is not good. I experienced the difference myself. Sleeping in the dark is soothing and refreshing than sleeping with lights on.
  • Just like cucumber, you can also put potato slices on your eyes for a few minutes. It will work on undereye darkness and puffiness.

4. Natural face masks work the best

While there are a lot of homemade face masks I’m going to tell you what exactly worked best for me. Curd and Besan (Gram flour) suits me the best. I like face masks which give refreshing feel after washing it off. This is the usual natural face mask I use. Other than this:

  • Milk + Besan
  • Besan + Lemon juice + Milk
  • A coat of milk cream (It will be extremely moisturizing. Best for dry skin.)
  • Curd + Turmeric
  • Fuller’s earth face mask

5. Stay hydrated

Finally, keep your skin hydrated. Not just on the outside, also from within. Drink lots of water and fruit juices. And twice a day cleanse your face free from dirt and oil. Or if you feel too dry, re-apply moisturizer or sunscreen lotion. The trick is you should not leave it either too oily or too dry. A balance must be maintained. And at the end of the day, don’t ignore removing makeup. That is the topmost cause for dry skin.

That’s it.

I think you can see how effectively you can take care of yourself at home itself without visiting beauty spas. Money-saving, time-saving, and energy-saving. I hope you found my festival skincare tips helpful, let me know in the comment below. I’ll see you soon again!

Lots of LOVE,


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