Newbie Blogger? 8 things you should learn in the first place

Blogging! It’s not rocket science. If you do it in a proper way it would be like having a little money plant. Ever wondered what makes one’s blog unique or drives more traffic than many others? I don’t know about you but I keep on thinking about that. In that struggle, I came to know some simple yet super effective things we can do to make our blog stand out in every aspect. I’m a newbie blogger myself but during the past few days some of my fellow blogger pals taught me few things that I feel very cool and I’m gonna execute them from now on. Now I’m gonna give you the whole picture of blogging with the little experience I have. I’m glad I’ve  found out many things in the beginning stage of my blogging. 

Read on to know my bag of tricks for a newbie blogger…

Things you should have on your phone as a newbie blogger


1. Blogger/WordPress app 

So, you could edit the content whenever you get an idea. Sometimes, we get some idea and after a moment we go absolutely blank about what’s on our head a moment ago. Does that happen with you too? Then you must download the apps and save everything that pops up in your mind. It’s the easiest way to jot down everything that comes to our mind.

2. Picmonkey/pizap/any other poster making or picture editing apps

Never use Google pictures on your blog. Unique pictures are very important for getting Adsense approval as well as more traffic. I found Photofy and Designer apps very useful.

3. Doodle Maker Or any other app that makes your post pictures unique and smart

Make your blog as much unique and eye-catching as you can. Unique stuff is always a pleasure to see.

Blogging Sequence

If you are an experienced blogger you will go with the flow but as a new blogger, it would be great if you follow this step by step process. It’s always best to have a plan.

1. Worthy content 

This is an obvious thing. You must make yourself better with every post of yours. Otherwise, readers wouldn’t be interested at all in what you’re writing. 

2. Make a relevant picture 

As I said earlier don’t ever Google for pictures. I see many newbie bloggers (including me in the beginning days of my blogging) copy and paste pictures from Google but that’s a very bad idea. Glad I had learned how essential unique pictures are for a blog’s success at the beginning of my blogging career. It will reduce your ranking if you do so and also it will be difficult to get Adsense approval. That too only unique pictures grab attention. 

3. Promotion 

It’s damn important. At first, I thought just writing and posting in my blog is enough to get the traffic. But it’s not. You must promote what you’re writing. Interested people may or may not find your blog. So, the promotion has an essential role in your blog’s success. You must promote it as much as possible otherwise people wouldn’t even notice that your blog exists. There are so many platforms on the internet to promote your blog and you can know about ’em here.

How to promote? 

Join as many Facebook groups as possible and share every bit of what you’re publishing. Here are some of the platforms where you can promote all your posts. 
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Stumbleupon (Only if your blog is not on Blogger. I can’t promote my blog on it as it’s on Blogger)

Of all, I feel Facebook promotion is very effective. I get most of my traffic from Facebook and other platforms do their part too. There are many other platforms as well, just go and explore them. 

4. Blogger groups 

As you’re new to all this, you must join some blogger groups. This helps you when you’re in confusion and don’t know whom to ask. Luckily I joined in some blogger groups in the beginning of my blogging and got to talk with people I’m in tune with. Without those groups, I don’t know what I’d been doing. Here are some of the groups I joined and you may find them useful as well 
Also, join in those groups which are related to your niche. I’m telling you, these are quite helpful.

5. Never think of quitting 

At first, you might not get the results you expected and you find it difficult to continue your journey as a blogger but don’t even think of quitting. No one blogger gets the results immediately. You should keep on trying. Your mantra has to be “Stay positive and never quit”. May not be today but you’ll definitely see the heights want to.

6. Know the ways to monetize your blog

Monetizing your blog is not such a bad idea. You might be doing blogging as your hobby but still, you would appreciate some returns from it, right! At first, you can start with affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay or Shareasale etc…. I’ve not tried all of them but heard “share a sale” is definitely worth it. And you can also do some sponsored posts. These two would be easy to start as a beginner. 

7. Blog template

Use pleasant colors for your blog. Too much vibrant color like blood red makes the reader uncomfortable to read. Pleasant colors will let your reader feel at ease and stay on your blog for a long time.

8. Choose niche 

Don’t write about random stuff. First of all, choose your niche and go accordingly. This will give your audience an idea of what your blog is about and whether they’re interested in it or not.
Star of this post is *promotion*. You must promote your stuff as much as you can. Most importantly, being persistent in blogging is a big deal. 
These are the few things you should know as a beginner and rest you’ll know with the time and experience. 

Hope you find this post informative and helpful.

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