10 cheap & essential * Home Fitness Equipment * (The Best)

Don’t you have time to hit the gym? Tho you take time to workout at home, do you feel it’s not as effective as gym workouts? No matter how long you workout at home, it can’t be as effective as gym workouts. Don’t you think the same? That’s because you don’t have any gym equipment at home. Many of us think of having fitness equipment at home but immediately step back because of mainly 2 things, one, it takes a lot of bucks and two, space. I have got you sorted and here’s a list of home fitness equipment for an effective workout. I have also researched a lot and gave you the links here for every single equipment below so, you can have the best home gym ever.

So, let’s not waste another second and jump right into the article!

Cheap, best and essential home fitness equipment

While doing the research on this topic I have kept two things I said above in mind, money, and space. We can’t compromise on both those things. Hence, this article includes all that equipment that is very economical, effective and space saving.

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1. Home fitness equipment | A Swiss ball

This Swiss stability ball is a very effective piece of equipment that helps in toning and strengthening your body especially the back. There are some tens of exercises to do with this stability ball and this one will surely level up your home workouts session.

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2. Home fitness equipment | A Wrist Exerciser

While working out we often tend to neglect the wrist part but it mustn’t be. This wrist exerciser is a great thing that helps in strengthening our whole hand muscles especially forearms and wrist. Even those who are not much into working out and all but feels a little physical activity would be good, this one is perf for them.

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3. Home fitness equipment | Dumbells

Either you workout at a gym or at home, weight lifting equipment is necessary. If you are really serious about working out and burning those extra calories, Dumbells are the basic thing to have at home for an effective workout. If you can’t even have Dumbells the workout results wouldn’t be as fruitful as you wish. The weight of the Dumbell must be slightly above the weight you’re comfortable carrying.

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4. Home fitness equipment | A Tummy Twister

We can’t have heavy gym machines like a treadmill and all at home. But, we can replace them with something that’s less space-requiring, perhaps, a tummy twister. It’s quite affordable, doesn’t need much space, and definitely has a really great impact on our exercises.

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5. Home fitness equipment | Abs roller wheel

It’s a bit difficult in the beginning but eventually, when you get the trick, this is the most useful equipment to tone your body. This roller wheel gives your body a good stretch and also strengthens your back and abs.

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6. Home fitness equipment | A Hand Grip

The next one is a Handgrip. Hand grip helps you in achieving improved strength in forearms and wrist. Again, it’s affordable and easy to store.

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7. Home fitness equipment | A Skipping rope

We all grew up doing this and we are all very much aware of what this is and what to do with it, so I don’t have to say much about it. It’s a full body exercise. And, as per a research, a 10-minute skipping is considered equal to a 45-minute run. Better, right!

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8. Home fitness equipment | Abdominal cruncher

Many skip abdominal crunches cause they couldn’t do it. This abs cruncher is very helpful for such people who want to but couldn’t. This will get you the abs of your dreams. Coming to the price, this one is a bit pricey compared to the above equipment but individually, one of the best buys. Plus, it’s just so effective as any other equipment here. One must definitely have this at home.

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9. Home fitness equipment | A Tummy trimmer

Losing belly fat with just home workouts is almost impossible but with this Tummy trimmer, it would be possible to lose belly fat right at your home. Tummy trimmer helps build up thighs, abdomen, upper arms and hips. It is one of the best ones to have at home for the best workouts every day.

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10. Home fitness equipment | Resistance loop bands

These are the most simple equipment of all here but gives you tremendous results. Resistance bands are economical, easy to store and helps to intensify your home workout.

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That’s all. So the bottom line is not to make your home workout mediocre. All these home exercise equipment will help you have a home workout as intense as a gym workout. With this 10 small equipment make a big impact. Hope you liked the article, leave a comment and tell me what exercise equipment you’ve got at home and is very much useful. I’d love to hear from you!



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10 cheap and essential home fitness equipment (The best)
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10 cheap and essential home fitness equipment (The best)
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  1. I’m caught in a constant battle of wanting to get fitter and not wanting to work out in public, so I’m definitely going to be considering some of these options – thanks for the tips!

  2. Doing fitness at home never worked for me. But I do have a Swiss ball and I live doing abs on it. I have drum bells and a flexible band. I also bought a jumping rope, thinking that I could jump in my apartment, but this was a fail :)) I do not have space for this, but I did like jumping rope at the gym.

  3. Love those suggestions! I really need to get a hand gripper and an twister myself. I love using my bands and my dumbbells for sure!

  4. ohhhhh this is amazing! some of these I would not even thing about having at home. Im in the process of moving home, getting to the gym is a nightmare but I’m having to pack everything up. So resistance bands are my go too currently.

  5. Now we have the list of what we need, it’s to get the money to go get them. I suppose we could always do a bit at a time until we build up space with the equipment we are proud of. Thanks for sharing

  6. Hi, Thanks for your great article. Actually, You know you have to exercise, but it’s also easy to make excuses for skipping out on the gym. You might think it’s too expensive, too far, too crowded or all of the above. Well, with a home gym, you can throw all of those excuses out the window. Plus, you can exercise whenever and however you like. What could be better?

  7. I am so grateful I found your post. You’ve really covered up almost all the best home fitness equipment should use to reduce weight loss. I have been thinking of make a weight loss plan. Actually, I got a lot of information from your blog which can help to choose the best home fitness equipment for weight loss. Thanks.

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