10 Best Healthy Fruits for Weight loss (Diet plans)

Have you become overburdened with your weight or you want to maintain your weight at a consistent level? You probably think I will advise you to hit the gym, but no, you should try some fruit diet and start pumping in the anti-oxidants and beneficial nutrients and a Pack of vitamins that are beneficial to your health and supply you with enough energy to last throughout the day. Introducing fruits to your diet means eating fewer calories but still being able to get the recommended dietary minimum requirements. Some fruits are rich in flavonoids such as anthocyanins which are believed to be the maintenance of a flat belly.  Any nutritionist will tell you that fruits are part of a well-balanced and healthy eating plan. The best fruits to eat when you want to lose weight are those that do not have too much sugar. Here are some of the best healthy fruits for weight loss that you must put on your meal table if you are serious about losing weight.

Healthy fruits for weight loss


Get ready to behold the list of healthy fruits for weight loss.

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1 of 10 healthy fruits for weight loss: Watermelons

Watermelon is full of nutritious water, and if often juicy, I am yet to hear anyone say that they do not like this fruit. It is low in calories and at the same time keeps you hydrated. Eber heard of the mantra, “to lose weight, take a lot of water”? Watermelon could just be the answer. Eating watermelon on a regular basis also increases your lipid profile leads to the rate at which fat accurate in your body. You need healthy and active muscles to burn excess fat in your body; watermelon will reduce muscle soreness keeping you fit as you shed some pounds.

healthy fruits for weight loss

2 of 10 healthy fruits for weight loss: Blueberries

Blueberries will give you so many nutrients and enough calories to keep you energized throughout the day. The nutrients found in this fruit will help you lose weight by increasing your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and enhances the fat burning process. The fiber present in this fruit will also keep you from binge eating or cravings which may be detrimental on your weight management program. Another family of berries that include raspberries and strawberries also have polyphenols that act as a natural chemical that is significant in weight loss by stopping the formation of excess fat.  A regular diet of these berries will reduce that formation of fat cells in your body.

healthy fruits for weight loss

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3 of 10 healthy fruits for weight loss: Pears

They are high and rich in a fiber called Pectin which many scientists believe to be good at regulating your appetite. Fiber present in pears is enough to leave you satisfied for longer. Eat pears of you want to reduce your cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of heart diseases. The skin may not have a pleasant taste, but since you want to lose weight the natural way, don’t peel it off, wash and eat it.

healthy fruits for weight loss

4 of 10 healthy fruits for weight loss: Apples

Apples are available in many flavors, they are low in calories and do have sodium or fat in them. They naturally complement any fat loss program, the presence of filling fiber leaves you feeling satiated throughout the day. Apples are great in keeping you away from the risk of cancer and threat of heart diseases.  When working on a weight reduction program balancing blood sugar is very essential, and an Apple will help you do that and as such tames your craving power.

healthy fruits for weight loss

5 of 10 healthy fruits for weight loss: Grapefruit

The insulin levels can determine how fast you are bound to lose weight; grapes will lower the levels of insulin and inhibits the fat storage hormone from being produced. They also have lots of water and will keep you hydrated. The energy needed to digest grapes means using a lot of energy which is required to burn fat in the body. The grapefruit is essential in getting rid of the visceral fat. Therefore more grapes you eat, and the more comfortable you feel on your waistline.

healthy fruits for weight loss

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6 of 10 healthy fruits for weight loss: Bananas

The ripe banana that still has greenish shade on it will help boost your metabolism and gives you the always full effect. Increase your energy by taking bananas which can conveniently replace that lunch bar which may be having too many calories. Bananas also help in muscle relieve muscle cramps and regulate blood pressure.

healthy fruits for weight loss

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7 of 10 healthy fruits for weight loss: Avocado

Avocados contain the healthy fat and therefore can act as a safe replacement for your fat diet. Avocados are responsible for increase the testosterone levels which is the hormone behind fat loss. Each avocado fruit is thought to have 20 grams of healthy fat which is considered to be the optimum needed to facilitate fat burning.

healthy fruits for weight loss

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8 of 10 healthy fruits for weight loss: Peaches and Plums

Peaches and plums are believed to have an effect on the reduction of metabolic syndrome which if not controlled will lead to obesity and diabetes. The two fruits contain phenolic compounds that modulate the fat genes.

healthy fruits for weight loss

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9 of 10 healthy fruits for weight loss: Cherries

Cherries are both beneficial to the heart and body weight. They contain high levels of antioxidants that play a major role in the reducing fats by altering the fat genes.

healthy fruits for weight loss

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10. Finally, the last one of this list: Lemons

Lemons like pears also have the fiber pectin that regulates cravings. The best way to enjoy lemon is by squeezing it in a glass or squeeze it on your fish for additional flavor. Lemon does not have calories, but it makes a good fruit for your weight loss program. Most people chose to ass a slice of lemon to a glass of water or iced tea to supplement their daily food intake.

healthy fruits for weight loss

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Most people on a slimming diet are aware that fruits form an integral part of a healthy and balanced diet. When trying to lose weight, there is the need to reduce the food portions while at the same time need to find an alternative means to keep you full and energized throughout the day. The choice fruits given here do not represent all the available option that can give you enough nutrients and antioxidants that will stimulate your body to lose weight.  The good thing about fruits when it comes to weight management, it also improves your immunity, keeps you away from heart disease, detoxifies the system and reverses the aging process.

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  1. I agree that fruit is part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Green bananas I can’t eat, but I love blueberries, cherries, and avocados! Really, I could probably live on fruit and greek yogurt if I had to! Great post!

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