10 Tips To Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

While setting goals, you should always keep in mind the probability of it being achieved by the number of inputs you’re capable of giving. One such important goal in life should be improving wellness, consequently improving health. Furthermore, having good health increases our overall wellness. Every day, people can be seen setting their fitness goals to improve themselves. A lot of people are able to succeed in achieving their desired goal, but there are many who do not reach that stage. One important reason behind this failure is the lack of routine. These people fail to transcend their health goals into their daily lives and hence, lose all the progress as soon as they stop doing the needful. 

It takes about 50-60 days to make something a habit and stick around. Till you pass through the phase, it is you who requires to put in the desire and effort to get healthier and make it a part of your life. Here are some simple and tested tips which can help you to achieve your health goals, however, only when you are persistent in following them. 

Achieve your Health Goals

1. Walk For 30-45 Minutes A Day 

Even if you hit the gym/aerobics, walking should be a permanent part of your lifestyle. It improves your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, improves muscle power, helps in burning fat, etc. Walking provides more than just physical benefits – when you walk and your shoes hit the ground, this repetitive sound of tapping against the ground breaks the monotony of your unsettling thoughts, making you feel relaxed. This is the basis of meditative walking- taking slow steps and giving your body and mind the time to take the next step slowly and peacefully. 

 2. Give Yourself Time To inhale Fresh Air. 

Fresh air is very good for the heart, lungs and the mind. Make it a daily habit to inhale fresh air for about 15-20 minutes. Be it while you take a stroll in the park or just sit with your eyes closed at a safe place and enjoy the scented air. Once you get habitual of spending quiet time with yourself in the fresh air, it becomes emotionally and mentally healing. It restores the positive energy in you, relaxes the mind, and even improves the blood flow. 

3. Take Naps. 

The growing importance of napping can be easy as many companies have let their employees nap. A nap revitalizes brain power, improves memory and boosts your creativity. So add naps to your routine and give your body the required time and rest. It is also said to have increased productivity as well. 

 4. Replace Saturated With Unsaturated Fat. 

Even when you wish to lose weight and stay fit, fats are an integral part of your diet. However, for maintaining the correct balance it is important to take the right fat. Saturated fat is observed to increase the ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) and puts your heart at risk. Also, consuming more trans fat does the same, furthermore, reduce good cholesterol (HDL). They are also associated with causing type 2 Diabetes. Hence, they should be substituted with unsaturated fat – which reduces bad cholesterol, reduces heart strokes, etc. 

5. Eat Plenty Of Fruits And Vegetables. 

For minerals, fiber and vitamins, fruits and vegetables are the most important source. It is said that about 3-4 servings of these should be taken each day. These foodstuffs have a tendency to counter the effects of all the unhealthy food you intake. They contain antioxidants – which prevent cells from damage, prevents some kinds of cancer, etc. The crux is that fruits and vegetables should be an important part of your diet if you wish to achieve your health goals. You can also check out Healthy diet foods to eat every day, to know what is healthy and what should be avoided. 

6. Drink Plenty Of Fluids. 

It is very important to keep your body hydrated. Hence, taking in a lot of fluids helps your body to maintain a good level of hydration. However, fluids do not mean consuming sweet and sugary beverages all the time. That will have a rather opposite impact on the body and take you far away from your health goals. Water, is, of course, the best source. If you want to have some variations, you may go for sparkling or flavored water at times. Tea, milk, soft drinks- all these can be acceptable from time to time, but not frequently. You can also try DybeSweet high Protein Milkshake, it doesn’t add any extra calories to your diet but tastes sweet at the same time. 

7. Focus On One Thing At A Time.

Changing multiple habits all at once is not always successful. This proves to be a common reason for failure amongst new health enthusiasts. If you are starting a new diet, starting a high-intensity workout routine altogether, you might not be able to follow either of it successfully. Pick one target at a time and start gradually. Once you find yourself settling with the new lifestyle, only then introduce any other changes. Go ahead step by step. 

8. Seek Support If You Need.

Seeking for help or a workout buddy isn’t bad. If you find yourself unmotivated and unable to be persistent enough, find yourself a diet/workout partner. Many times, going along with someone in your diet plan or to the gym makes a big difference. In such scenarios, you have shared goals, support groups, etc. Be it for exercising, quitting smoking, following a diet plan- everything seems a lot easier when you have people who share the same goal. 

9. Be Realistic. 

If you set a far-fetched goal, it is as good as a failed one. Be realistic when you set milestones in your journey towards being healthy. Setting a goal like being able to lift heavy weights within the first week of exercising, or losing a lot of weight just when you started dieting, is not actually possible. Things take time to happen and similarly it takes a lot of patience and time to get healthier. 

10. Reward Yourself. 

Whenever you achieve one of your shorter goals, like being able to follow the diet for a month, or one month of regular exercising, or anything of that sort; do not forget to reward yourself. Go watch a movie, give yourself some fun time and you may even afford to have your favorite snack and ditch your diet a bit for one day. You may go for Fat-free DybeSweet Strawberry Milkshake to treat yourself for the day. If you do so, you will feel motivated to achieve the upcoming goals and happily be persistent in doing so. 

All these tips can give you a real head start towards a healthier lifestyle. If you are really serious about it, you may even maintain a diary or a journal wherein you record your success timely. When you will look back at it years later, you will be proud of yourself. When all these steps are followed, the getting fitter will appear to be fun and easy. So follow this approach in your journey and you will be able to achieve your health goals before you know it!

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  1. Hi Nikhila ! Much needed post on a Healthy Lifestyle which is a very an important part of our life. In a fast paced world where everyone is in a rush to success we forget the importance of health. If these basic steps are followed we surely can achieve our health goals. Thanks for sharing !

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