Can you trim your Eyelash Implants?

Eyelash implants are an essential plastic surgery technique that provides you with high-quality and healthy lashes. However, many people who are interested in these implants may not be sure of how they can care for them properly. Unfortunately, this may cause some to avoid getting them when they need them.

The most common questions we get regarding implants are whether or not they can be trimmed and how they are trimmed. The following information will educate you not only on the nature of eyelash implants but give you an inside look at how to manage them. Follow this advice to make sure that your lash implants get the chance to become as healthy as possible.

Why People Get Eyelash Implants?

Eyelash implants are a solution for people who have thinning eyelashes or those that have lost all their lashes due to one or more disease. For example, autoimmune diseases like Alopecia Areata can cause hair to not only fall out of your head but also your eyelashes. However, people can also lose eyelashes for a variety of other reasons, including:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Acute Stress Disorder
  • Lichen Planus
  • Hodgkin’s Disease
  • Underactive Pituitary Gland
  • Addison’s Disease
  • Systemic Sclerosis
  • Celiac Disease
  • & Much More

All of these diseases can cause hair loss that spreads far beyond your head and to your eyelashes and beyond. Unfortunately, hair loss can also occur if an individual suffers burns near the eyes and damage the skin and nerve cells that help hair grow and stay healthy. In these scenarios, it is critical to take steps to improve your lashes by getting implants.

How Eyelash Transplants Help

Those who suffer from thinning or missing eyelashes can get transplants to replace them permanently. These implants are placed directly where your old lashes were located and are 100 percent natural and safe. First, your old lashes or what remains of them are carefully removed before the new ones are carefully implanted into your skin by a plastic surgeon.

These new lashes will then take a few months to grow in on your forehead fully but will typically become as luscious and healthy as your old lashes. By the time a year or so has passed, nobody will be able to tell you lost any lashes. This method is particularly helpful if you are taking care of the diseases that caused your initial hair loss and have them under control.

That said, these lashes are not invincible and can be damaged if you don’t take good care of them. They must be washed regularly, like your old lashes, and receive high-quality maintenance to keep them in order. Like your old lashes, they need an occasional straightening up or trimming to ensure that they remain healthy and robust.

Is it Safe to Trim Your Eyelashes?

Your new eyelash implants are 100 percent safe to trim once they are fully grown. In fact, you should be cutting them as often as you trimmed your old lashes. Like your old lashes, implants are living hair and have to be trimmed to ensure that they don’t get too wild. Trimming also keeps them from growing too far and too fast and making you appear bushier than necessary.

That said, trimming your new implants should only start after they have fully grown in and are in perfect health. Cutting them too soon could impact their early development and even stunt their growth. Waiting at least 3-4 months after the initial implant is a good idea. Some may even want to wait up to a year before starting.

Visit your surgeon every three months and ask them about the strength of your lashes before cutting them. They will gauge their health and let you know when trimming is a wise choice. When they say you can start cutting, follow the process below to make sure that you do it correctly.

eyelash implants

The Method for Trimming Your Eyelashes

Trimming your eyelash implants is a pretty simple process and one that most people should be able to handle. If you trimmed your old lashes, you should have no trouble managing your new ones. However, there are a few extra moisturizing steps necessary to keep your skin and your lashes healthy. Follow these steps to keep your implants looking great for years to come:

  • Moisturize your eyelids and the surrounding area with cream
  • Let the cream dry before you start trimming your lashes
  • Turn on a bright light (a flashlight is best here) to give yourself an easier time seeing your implants
  • Close the eye you plan on trimming to keep hair from falling on its surface
  • Take a small pair of eyebrow scissors and trim any long hairs that may be lingering there
  • Cut the hairs to the same length to ensure that they are even after you are done
  • Wipe away any lingering hair with a small barber brush to clean up your trimming area
  • Use a small electric razor to thin out any bulkier lashes around the edges of your eyes
  • Inspect your lashes to get an idea of whether or not you are finished
  • If you spot any longer hairs or areas that need trimming, do so now
  • Wipe away the excess hair with a barber brush and collect it on a small towel or in a bag
  • Moisturize the area again with another application of cream
  • Let the cream dry fully before washing your face with soap and water to finish up

If you feel uncomfortable trimming your eyelashes in this way, contact a friend who can help you out. They will be able to trim away the excess lashes more easily than somebody with a nervous and shaky hand. You may also want to get them trimmed by a beautician instead.

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Getting the Help You Need

If you are interested in getting eyelash implants, you should consider talking to Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, M.D and making an appointment. This plastic surgeon is the most experienced eyelash transplant surgeon in Miami, FL and has performed hundreds of replacement surgeries in his lifetime. His techniques help people who have suffered from over-plucking, thyroid problems, trauma or damage to their lashes, and even electrolysis. If you are interested in talking to him about this process or want to set up an appointment, you can learn more about his practice or contact him here:


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