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10 times Disney movies taught the most valuable lessons

We might think of Disney movies as for children but we can’t deny the fact that they gave us some utterly valuable messages through their made up characters. Personally, I love to watch them. And, here are some of the Disney movies I remember that taught us something valuable and we all loved it.

1. Cinderella

“Be kind and brave” and wait for the magic to happen. Thinking how hard can it be? Well, harder than you ever thought. And the other thing that’s even tougher than being kind is forgiving. To forgive the ones that hurt you so bad is most difficult but you gotta do it for your peace of mind and happiness. One can’t be happy with a heart filled with hatred.

2. Frozen

This is one of the best Disney movies and it says, “Love will thaw.” If we see it closely it has a deeper meaning. Things you cannot achieve with vengeance, anger, money or anything, can be attained by love. I hope you will agree with me on this one.

3. Moana

Moana, she showed us how perseverance can pay off magically in the end. Moana did what her heart said, what she’s destined to do. Following our heart lets us explore our greatest potential within. The path to it sure has a lot of roadblocks but it’s worth it, isn’t it!

4. The Lion King

King Mufasa made us realize that we can’t run away from who we are and our responsibilities. No matter what we do we must face them one day anyway. Better yet, why not now?!

5. Beauty and the Beast

Bella taught us never to judge a book by its cover, what’s inside that matters. One must see someone beyond just the looks.

6. Maleficent

This movie is a different narration of ‘The sleeping beauty’ but I liked this one better than the original version for some reason. The moral of this is, ‘Never hurt anyone, especially ones that love and trust you, intentionally for your selfish needs.’

7. Incredibles

I love it when the bad guy says, ‘when everybody is a superhero, no one is a super anymore’. I so love this line that I even mentioned it in my book ‘The Day I Started Flying.’ We all are unique and that’s for the best. Comparing with others and trying to copy them is just so meaningless and a futile attempt.

8. Inside out

It showed us how both happiness and sadness are a part and parcel of everyone’s lives and how the absence of one makes the other non-existent. Unless and until you know what sadness is, you can’t appreciate the happiness you already have within you.

9. Kungfu Panda

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Every part of Kungfu Panda taught us a different lesson. My favorite one is “you don’t have to turn you into someone else, rather turn you into you.” We don’t have to turn ourselves into someone else but just into our potential self.

So… that’s all for now and if you have any other Disney movie in your mind to add to this list, comment down below. We would love to know more!

Love, Love!

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