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11 Quick Fixes to Relieve Tired Eyes Naturally

Your beauty lies in your eyes. But eye fatigue is one of the common problems these days. Specifically, with the increased screen time, our eyes get tired than ever. With tired-looking eyes, it can be very stressing, both mentally and physically. It severely affects your confidence, if not taken care of it at the beginning itself. The key to fix it is to react right when you feel it, rather than postponing it until regretting it. If you can work proactively, you can relieve tired eyes naturally faster than you can believe.

How to Relieve Tired Eyes Naturally

Due to extreme work, I experienced eye fatigue a few days back. The basic symptoms are dry and watery eyes, eye twitching, strained vision, difficulty to focus. It can be very frustrating. But thanks to some of the simple eye care tips I could help myself. So, I have 12 quick fixes to relieve tired eyes naturally that helped me very much. These are tested and proved. There is no better healing than natural healing.

Let’s see now.

1. Potato Slices

Eye strain is very common but if you neglect it, it can lead to dark circles. Ergo, you must quick to treat your tired eyes. And for that, Potato slices helped me a lot. To be specific, chilled potato slices. After hours of working in front of my laptop, I take a couple of thinly sliced potato pieces and place ’em on my eyes for just fifteen minutes. This can be a routine if you are someone who works a lot of time on your computer.

2. Hit the lights off

A very disturbing thing for your eyes is sleeping with the lights on. The light constantly hits your eyes all night preventing you to relax. That’s one of the reasons many people end up waking just as tired the next morning.  Darkness helps your eyes relieve very effectively. And also, even when you are awake try not to sit directly facing the light, that can be very tiring for your eyes. Last but not least, listen to your mom when she says not to watch your phone in dim lighting. 

3. Chilled Cucumber Slices

Just like chilled potato slices chilled Cucumber slices will also help your eyes to relax. Put them on your eyes for like fifteen minutes and you can see the difference yourself. I usually put them when I go to bed. I found it works even better during sleep.

4. Eye exercises

You can do simple eye exercises when you feel tired. It can help you relax. Some of the basic eye exercises are rotating your eyes in all directions, blinking, gently massaging your eyelids. Even when you are applying eye cream or a moisturizer, you can give a massage around your eye area to relieve your tired eyes. It can be soothing and very helpful.

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5. Reduce Screen Time

I believe we are all victims of modern technology and social media. Too much screen time can affect our mental health as well as physical health. It’s super important to set some boundaries when it comes to technology. If you go overboard with technology, there will only be negative effects. And watching a movie or a series on phone is a big NO, it can badly affect your eyes, use big screens (such as a laptop, desktop or a TV) when you have to watch the screen for a long time. That’s better for your eyes. So, keep track of your screen time. Set time and stick with your plan.

6. Icecubes

This helps in brightening up your eyes and also minimizing the puffiness under the eyes. Take an ice cube and gently rub it around the eye area to relax. You can also place the ice cube on your eyelids for a few seconds until you can feel the cold spreading out in your eyes. This remedy is very effective.

7. Naptime

Take small naps during your breaks. It helps you work better and feel better. It’s not just about a nap, it’s also about how you take a nap. Sleep comfortably for a minimum of fifteen minutes and you will slowly see how it can positively affect your tired eyes.

8. Watch Your Habits

Habits, like squinting, blinking less, watching screen too close, can affect your eyes. They make your eyes feel and look tired. So… know your habits that affect your eyes and get rid of them.

9. Cooling sleep mask

When you are off to bed, put on your cooling gel sleep mask. All these things work best at night times. You reenergize every night during your sleep and you have a better chance of healing yourself during that time. Some say warm cloth helps, but I felt somehow cold patches work better. Chilled things help rejuvenate faster and better.

10. Cool off your mind to perk up your eyes

The biggest culprit for our tired eyes is being exhausted mentally. Want to relieve tired eyes? Start on the inside. If you have something bothering in your mind, the first thing it shows is through your eyes. If you feel burdened on the inside it is automatically visible in your eyes. So, clear your mind and try to stay happy. Nothing can beat a happy soul.

11. Aloe vera

I saved the best for the last. This is something I’ve been doing regularly these days and I saw a considerable amount of difference. Take the aloe vera extract from the plant directly and store it in the refrigerator. It doesn’t go bad easily, so you can use it for weeks at a stretch. Every night before you go to bed, apply it under your eyes (even all over your face). The chilled aloe vera extract helps brighten up your eyes instantly. You can apply it even in the daytime because it doesn’t feel greasy at all. It’s just like water and the skin absorbs it almost immediately. This is one of my best-kept secrets. Try it.

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That’s all. With these 11 quick fixes, you can relieve tired eyes naturally. These are simple, effective and worth trying. Try and let me know which of these were most helpful for you.

I’ll see you another time!

Stay happy & healthy.

Love, Nikki.

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19 thoughts on “11 Quick Fixes to Relieve Tired Eyes Naturally

  1. This is certainly quite a list for relieving tired eyes. I had heard of some of these but others were a surprise to me. I guess it depends on each person as to what will work most effectively for them.

  2. Brilliant tips,I work very long hours and some late shifts so my eyes are always tired, puffy with dark circles.
    I really appreciate you sharing some very basic and affordable tips to relieve tired eyes. some bloggers will only share tips on products that cost a good penny then I just feel misled as I`m sure there are natural ingredients out there.
    Thanks so much

  3. Great tips! I have tried chilled cucumber slices, cooling sleep masks, and definitely reduce screen time. People should give their eyes a rest! I have come to a point where I had to see a doctor because I am straining my eye too much.

  4. I also experienced this and when i got good sleep and hours of no phone, it makes my eyes better. Reducing the screen time is the best.

  5. My eyes are always tired because of my heavy use of laptops and pc. Chilled Cucumber Slices works great on me. I will try aloe vera next time. Great tips!

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