21 Eco-friendly Habits You Should Seriously Consider

Now that we know how seriously human habits are deteriorating the environment, it’s high time we should seriously consider making a few new eco-friendly habits. We caused this problem and we have to take the responsibility to make it stop. While some of us are completely unaware of the destruction happening, some are just being blatantly ignorant of the fact, and some know but have no idea how they can help. This article is for that last piece of the pie who perfectly understand the situation and the consequences we are going to have to face but don’t know how to approach this situation.

So… this is how you can help in many little ways.

Eco-friendly Habits

1. Carry a reusable cup/bottle of water with you all the time. Don’t buy plastic water bottles every time you need to drink. Cut down the unnecessary purchases of plastic bottles.

2. Carry an eco-friendly (cloth/paper) garbage bag with you at all times you are on the road. Stop yourself from throwing waste on the road.

3. Eat less meat and more veggies. I know it’s the most difficult to change food habits. But you can certainly reduce the consumption of meat. I stopped eating red meat and increased vegetarian food intake, hoping to become a complete vegetarian one day.

4. Use a bicycle for shorter distances.

5. Stop showers, instead, use a bucket of water. An average shower uses about 5 gallons of water per minute. If you can stop using the shower and use a bucket of water instead (then you will use only what you need), it will reduce an incredible amount of water.

6. No plastic bags. Period. Whatsoever may happen, DO NOT BUY PLASTIC BAGS.

7. Use a cup of water while brushing teeth. Most of us leave the faucet running until we finish brushing or face-washing. That’s water wastage, so use a cup of water.

8. Ask for eco-friendly carry bags at stores. If you know they don’t provide, carry one of your own.

9. Donate items you no longer need. Probably at a shelter home or cloth recycler. If you want to know more ways to donate your old clothing, you can read “how to recycle old clothes?

10. Do not use face wipes. Face wipes also contain plastic that isn’t recyclable. Choose a cloth or bio-degradable wipes.

11. Choose cruelty-free cosmetics. Why? Here’s why.

12. Zero waste should be our goal. Buy only what you need, re-use what you can, and finally recycle.

13. Earth hour every day. Every day, for one hour, turn off everything. Including your mobile phones.

14. Minimalistic wardrobe. We are consuming more than we need and the excess badly affecting our lives. You may not realize now, but at last, it’s all gonna come back to you.

15. Avoid single-use products like plastic straws and cutlery.

16. Know the organizations that work for the environment and take part in their initiatives. There are websites like one tree planted.  There will also be many local teams that work for this cause.

17.  Big fat weddings. One grandeur word that synonyms with wastage. Weddings make all kinds of wastage; food wastage is one of them and tops the list. Choose to have simple weddings and try to educate the people in your community as well. The impact it’s going to make is huge.

18. Stop using scrubs and face washes that contain microbeads. Every day tons of microbeads go into the oceans and affect marine life, environment, and eventually, human life.

19. Don’t leave your appliances plugged in. Many appliances even when turned off draw some energy called “standby electricity”.

20. Carpool. If you have the same destination as your neighbor or a friend, you should seriously consider carpooling.

21. Clear you email junk. Unsubscribe the emails you no longer need. Digital waste also leaves a carbon footprint and negatively affects the environment.

I hope you understand how much you can do for the planet with these small eco-friendly habits. Don’t think that you are just one person; one person alone can make a huge difference. At this point, every tiny action counts. After reading this post, if at least one of you could make a few changes by including these eco-friendly habits into your lifestyle I’d be very happy. Let me know how you are going to help to revive our home planet. This is important and you know that!

I’ll see you soon again.


Love, Nikki.

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39 thoughts on “21 Eco-friendly Habits You Should Seriously Consider

  1. These are all great tips. I carry reusable bags and bottles with me everywhere I go. I always try to research brands to see their impact before buying.

  2. Thank you for the tips. Many of these I definitely do (or will start doing); some of these are tougher–although I believe in the importance of being eco-friendly.

  3. LOVE THIS!!! Also, buying a used car over a new car can be really good for the environment. As an elopement photographer 100x yes to the big weddings it is insane how much waste there is in one day!

    1. Thanks, Traci. True that buying second hand products is very helpful. We should keep a check on how many resources we are consuming.

  4. Many of these are actually new. I loved how you included bucket baths – I have been thinking the same and as an Indian I’m somewhat glad our culture already imbibes this 🙂 Lovely hacks, I loved the Earth Day everyday idea as well. Going to try this!

  5. I am also an advocate of a better/cleaner environment. These are all amazing habits. Yes, it is simple but will definitely have a big impact to our earth. Currently, i am doing an eco-brick to reduce plastic waste. 🙂

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