5 Amazing Netflix Documentaries I’ve Watched & Loved

Netflix and Amazon Prime. The two BFFs of this generation that would hang out with us any time of any day. And if I had to play favorites among them, it has to be Netflix. I recently happen to be watching documentaries on Netflix, and some of them kept me hooked. Here are the five amazing Netflix documentaries that I thought are worth a mention on my blog.

So, here you go!

1. The Secret

The secret and I go back years. Usually, I feel documentaries are kind of boring, but this is the first documentary I’ve watched on the recommendation of a friend. And boy, was I amazed or what! I liked it so much that I even read the book following that. I must say it also happens to make a bit of a difference in me. That being so, ever since that, this one is what I recommend everybody who comes to me asking questions about interesting things to watch. If you’re one of them, this one is for you.

It shows you the workings of the universe and how you could make your life abundant. It encourages you to belief and love. It tells you how things must be perceived and how little changes in your life can affect your mood positively. I remember how very enthusiastic I was when I first watched this. In case you haven’t, please scribble it down on your watch list.

2. Minimalism

Last year, I posted a couple of articles on Minimalism, and since then, I became very fascinated by this concept. All along, we all believed somehow that the more things you have at home, the more luxurious and comfortable you’re living.

They say, ‘More, newer, cooler: That’s the American dream. But those creative people see the dream as being more about happiness.’ This will surely get you a new perspective about the lifestyle we are leading.

3. Expedition happiness

A filmmaker and his musician girlfriend attempt an epic road trip with their dog, traveling across North America in a refurbished school bus. Their journey is so, so beautiful, and every frame they shot was a visual treat. Along their route, they’ll show you what they’ve gone through and what they’ve learnt at the end of it.

4. Brené Brown: The call to courage

Out of all the Netflix documentaries here, this is more on the fun side. Unlike the other documentaries I’ve watched, this one made me laugh. Anyone who needs a good laugh along with a valuable lesson should watch it.

The gist of it is, Brene Brown discusses what it takes to choose courage over comfort with a bit of humor and empathy in a culture defined by scarcity, fear, and uncertainty. Most of the motivational talks seems a little heavy-handed on the listener, but whereas with this one, it’s completely different and easy to watch.

5. Not alone

And the last one of our amazing Netflix documentaries, Not Alone. You know what’s the most asked question on my instagram account, ‘how do I get out of depression?’ Some even said that they, at times, feel like dying. The question itself makes me worried about how troubled they might be. That made me connect with this documentary.

Her best friend’s suicide upended a girl world. Now she wants to shine a light for those people who were entrapped in the darkness. Most of the times, people who we know very much might be going through this, yet we do not have a clue. In this documentary, people talk about their troubles, how they have overcome, and how people should open up and speak it out for a healthy mind.

Yes, these are the five amazing Netflix documentaries you have to watch. I’m you’ll have a great time watching these. Let me know if you know any other interesting Netflix documentaries or movies. I’ll catch you next time! Adios!

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