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5 habits to develop in the New Year to make life less clumsy

New years is that time when we all make tons of resolutions to start the year with lots of energy. But I’d like to start this new year a little different. Instead of making a multitude of big resolutions, I’m thinking to make a few little resolutions that are gonna make a great impact. That way, at least I’d be free from the stress that I’m not meeting the big resolutions I have made at the start of the year. So, these are the 5 little things or let’s say, habits to develop, I’m thinking to start this new year.

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5 habits to develop to make life less clumsy

The following resolutions are so good at making life less clumsy. I have heard from so many people that these things are great so, I thought why not I make these little things my resolutions for the coming New year.

Let’s see what habits to develop to improve life!!

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Habits to develop 1: Digital detox day

In this smart technology-driven era people are so obsessed with the digital things rather than the actuals that are important for life. In fact, we are a little too much attached to the virtual world rather than the actual people. How can I say this? Let’s say if something disastrous is happening in front of you, what would you do? Go for the victim’s help or take out your phone to post on social media. I have seen many people go for the second one.

So, I think this particular resolution, “Digital Detox”, is wonderful to get us back connected to the actual world. This digital detox day can be as often as we want. I’m thinking to make it a once-a-week thing.

Habits to develop 2: A day to declutter (both life & surroundings)

It is just as important as anything. This one makes life so easy and clearer. Isn’t that what we all want!! Take time once or twice every month to declutter both your surrounding and life. If the place we live is shabby our thoughts will be shabbier. Hence, decluttering the place you live is absolutely needed once a while.

Also, decluttering life is as needed. Declutter the negative people, bad habits, wrong decisions, and everything that doesn’t make much sense from your life. The day you start doing this is the day you see things turn around your way. This I have started earlier this year and I want to continue it to the coming year as well.

Habits to develop 3: Make books your buddies

You can see me say book-reading as a great thing in almost every self-improvement article of mine because I know how much impact it has made in my life and I want everyone to experience that. Make books your best buddies. Anytime, anywhere, they will accompany you. It has numerous benefits like de-stressing, confidence boosting, better writing skills, command over the language, better mental health etc…etc…etc…

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Habits to develop 4: Meditation

I have heard many people say great things about “Meditation” and I want to give it a whirl this New year. I did meditation now and then but not really continuous. I want to put in a constant effort into the meditation and see how it goes for me.

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Habits to develop 5: A day just to be all by myself

Life has become so busy these days and we can’t even find time for ourselves let alone sparing time for others. Even when we are working we can’t be ourselves we try to be someone else to impress others… maybe our boss or colleagues or someone else. And that is very tiring. So, I have decided to give myself a whole day every week or so just to be myself. That way I also get to rejuvenate myself for all the things I have to go through the coming days and hopefully, it won’t be as tiring as it’s now.

That’s all!! Developing these little 5 positive habits will take your day from “Just Okay” to “Upbeat”. Hope you loved the post, if yes, leave a comment below and let me know which of these 5 habits to introduce to make life less clumsy are you going to make your resolution this New year.

**Happy Holidays & Happy New Year**



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41 thoughts on “5 habits to develop in the New Year to make life less clumsy

  1. These are five great habits to develop in the New Year. In 2018, I can see myself working on all of these things, especially with my books. I love to read, and typically don’t dedicate enough time to my favorite hobby. This will definitely be changed in the New Year.

  2. Books, de clutter and meditation are my primary focus for the New Year! I feel better in a clean space with a good book in my hand after a hard day! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I really resonate with all 5 of your resolutions. One book that I think you might enjoy along the lines of supporting your digital detox is Reclaiming Conversation by Sherry Turkle. It is about what is happening to conversation and solitude in a digital world and it was one of my favorite books of the 60 I read this year.

    1. Thank you!

      Seriously! you read 60!! That’s great. I should take time to read this year. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll surely read it.

  4. good ideas! I’d love to have a day all by myself, but with three kids at home I’m happy with a solo trip to the grocery store lol. I do love the digital detox!!

  5. I am in dyer need of Me Time. Juggling home and work can take a toll. I love this list. At the moment my husband and i are currently working on creating a day to de-clutter (both life & surroundings). One step at a time is what i say. Great post!

  6. I love the concept of making small changes in habits rather than big unattainable resolutions. I already love reading, so I’m going to embrace that habit for sure, but I also really like the idea of taking time each month to declutter and to spend time alone. I think my mental and emotional health could really get a boost from both.

  7. Ahh this post is so helpful! I need to be more organized this year because it makes me more relaxed and productive. Thank you for sharing and have a prosperous New Year πŸ™‚

  8. Digital detox day may be on top list to do in 2018. You just make a perfect chart for developing 5 habits, will try to make such chart for me. Thanks fir sharing. Best of Luck for new year.

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