5 Unique Birthday Ideas To Melt Your Beloved’s Heart

Aren’t you tired of following the same party-gift-dinner routine every year when you plan a birthday for your boyfriend? So get out of the circle and brainstorm some new innovative ideas to make your someone feel, well, special! Apart from finding birthday gifts for boyfriend, you can have a look at these 5 remarkable ideas, which will truly turn his birthday into a memorable one.

1.  Chalk it out

Go to nearby stationery and buy some colored chalks. Choose the floor or wall of your bedroom and write “Happy Birthday” with a personalized message in big, bold and fancy letters. There’s no doubt that he’ll be left amazed by the amount of effort that you have given in. Simple yet effective!

2.  A treasure hunt

If you are one of the lovey-dovey couples, who love hideouts – you can up the ante by putting sticky love notes in places where he is most likely to find them hanging around. DON’T make it too difficult for him. You can choose places like the loo, car seat, lunchbox, pockets of his trouser/shirt or maybe on the breakfast tray. This will make him feel loved all day long!

3. Bake it right

Start with baking a cake for him. Nothing can be more special than a  hand-baked cake. If you’re skeptical of your baking skills, you can rely on ready-to-make sponge cakes available in supermarts. Throw some chocolate icing on it or pour strawberry sauce and you’re ready to impress the love of your life. Don’t lose your heart if the cake doesn’t turn out to be good. After all, it’s the gesture that counts, right?

4.   Blow his mind away

Apart from finding birthday gifts for your boyfriend, you can also blow away his mind. Balloons not only appeal to children but adults too. Blow a few helium-filled heart-shaped balloons, stick your couple photographs on them and hang them lose in your bedroom. Capture him being blown off when he enters your room after a long day at work. You can also tie love notes on the loose ends of the balloon strings to add that extra touch.

5. Be the surprise

If you think it’s appropriate, you can drop into his office unannounced with his favorite flower bouquet and cake for him, or you can also take chocolates for all his colleagues. Make sure to dress your best, do your hairdo and smell ambrosial. We bet it’ll floor him. You can later take him for a quiet, fine-dine place for an old-fashioned candlelit dinner. It’ll be the perfect day!

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4 thoughts on “5 Unique Birthday Ideas To Melt Your Beloved’s Heart

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  2. […] Just send him/her random texts saying ‘I Love You’ at different times of the day in different languages. Or better yet, send them love notes (It’s more romantic). They will obviously google it to learn what you said and they will just melt when they come to know what you meant. This is a very simple but a very sweet gesture to celebrate this Valentine’s day. Need more ideas? Check out 5 unique ideas to melt your Beloved’s heart. […]

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