6 Sayings in my mother tongue I can relate on many levels

Hello, Sweethearts! This article is somewhat unique. I’ve been itching to write an article in my mother tongue, Telugu, for a long time now, but I was hesitant that it would be an alien language to many of you. So after a lot of contemplation, I’ve decided to make Telugu a tiny part of this one. Don’t worry; I’d be adding translations right next to it. I hope this is fun for both of us. The topic being the pearls of wisdom in my language that I grew up hearing and unwittingly became a part of my thinking and lifestyle. I see these sayings gradually fading away with the pace world is moving, therefore I thought I should do a little something to keep the culture alive. So, let’s take a step back for a moment and see what wisdom our ancestors have transferred to us.

5 Telugu Sayings worth knowing

1. శివుని ఆజ్ఞ లేనిదే చీమైనా కుట్టదు

Sivuni aagna lenide cheemaina kuttadu

Everything happens with the god’s intent. The word to word translation being, even an ant won’t bite without God’s intention. That being so, one must believe that there is something good in everything as God wouldn’t will anything bad for us. This one is so popular that every Telugu person uses this very often, I mean very often.

2. సంతోషం సగం బలం

Santosham sagam balam

Happiness if half the strength. If you look that it closely, you would know how true it is. However strong one might be, if he’s not happy in his mind, he won’t be physically active either. He will be lethargic and sad. That is why creating and preserving happiness is super important. Not just that, one must also realise it when he has it.

3. మొక్కై వంగనిది మానై వంగునా

Mokkai vanganidi maanai vanguna

Easy to bend a plant than a tree. It meant to say it gets difficult to discipline a grown person if you fail to discipline him/her as a child. Same goes with everything in life; if you fail to try and get an understanding at the start itself, it’s going to get a lot tricky when you absolutely have to. You’re going to need to put double the effort at the later stages. So you better work at the start itself.

4. కృషి తో నాస్తి దుర్భిక్షం

“Krushi tho naasti durbhiksham”

It even sounds so cool. This one is my favourite, and it translates to “Hard work negates the dearth of anything”. It is right, and we know it. This one is a common saying in every language and every region, but I love the way it sounds in Telugu so had to add it as well.

5. కీడెంచి మేలేంచు

Keedenchi meelenchu

Prepare for the worst before you expect the best. It has a lot of practical wisdom to it. Everything has potential contingencies. Better to be prepared than sorry later. We all know the times where we had high hopes on something but the outcome happens to be different than what we have expected. And we were deeply disappointed. Right? Now imagine if you had been prepared for a contingency, I mean if you had a plan B, although you expect only the good thing, the disappointment wouldn’t be that heavy-handed on you. Because you had a backup plan. You would be able to strike that emotional balance.

6. అనువుగాని చొట అధికుల మనరాదు

Anuvu gani chota adhikulamanaradu

This one means it is unwise to assert one’s superiority when it is not your place, or where it is not needed. It is good to be humble. Just because you take a step back doesn’t mean you are less. It can only show how brave you can be to stay grounded. Your image doesn’t grow just because you assert superiority, but because of your actions. Your noble actions are what elevates your image in public. I think we all can agree on that.

So, these are the six sayings we Telugu people use all the time, and there are a lot more interesting and fun aphorisms but for now, this is it. I’ll see you next time! Uh-uh, before you go, leave a comment and let me know your favourite sayings in your language.

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