Stressing out? 7 clever & practical ways to burst your stress

Ah, you had a stressful week, huh? Work, family, pressures, deadlines to meet, situations to handle etc., etc., etc. Whatever be the reason for your stress, if you don’t find a way to solve your stress issues it keeps on growing bigger and bigger. At first, it might not look that big of a deal, but if you make a mistake to allow it to continue, it becomes stronger to break it off. The road that travels through stress is a dead-end, ain’t it?! Stress nullifies your progress. To be productive at your work, you must know how to tackle your anxiety. If you’re clueless, perhaps these techniques I have got will ease out your stress. So we are here to help you burst your stress. I have got six practical ways to handle your stress like a pro.

Note:- I’ve got these six ways, which I think helped me relax, if you know any other trick that enables you to burst your stress, comment down below, we’ll edit and add it to the post later giving you a shoutout!

7 ways to Burst your stress

In this fast-paced life, one needs to know a few tricks to fight back the pressure that surrounds. Before that stress tricks you into being unproductive, you must know how to get yourself off the hook. So let’s see what you can do to burst your stress.

1. The Ocean sounds therapy

My, recent discovery, first favorite and the most preferred way to burst the stress is the “Ocean therapy.” It’s super relaxing. You need not move an inch to relax this way. Tap open the Google assistant (My love story with the Google Assistant) and say “play the ocean sounds,” then close your eyes and take deep breaths while listening to the ocean sounds. Or else you could also download this audio bit from Youtube and put it on repeat mode. Ocean sounds have this element of relaxation that even helps fall asleep faster and better. You could also try pitter-patter sounds of rain, waterfall sounds. Nature indeed has everything we need, all we need to do is stay connected with it.

2. Cooking

Another great way to unwind. If you are into cooking, you would know how much of a stress buster it is. Not that I am a great cook but even a small chore like slicing vegetables can be very de-stressing, at least I found so. Next time you feel stressed out, just grab a vegetable and slice it down, you will know what I am saying. Even if you are too tired to cook anything, you could just watch a cookery program, the way they picturise it is very soothing. May sound boring and blah, but surely a great stress buster. Ask me if you don’t feel better!

3. Moulding

If you are just mentally tired, you could try some physical activity to release your mental stress. I’m certain you might have already heard or seen videos about the Kinetic Sand. Those videos are quite popular for creating a satisfying feeling while watching. Yes, they do pacify your anxiety. If just watching such videos can be that calming, just imagine, how relaxing it would be to actually get your hands on it. Or you can also use the actual clay to mould. Including a fun activity to your routine can be quite rewarding in unseen ways.

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4. Hot showers + Forty winks

Bust your stress the age-old way. In case you don’t have enough energy to participate in any kind of fun activity, you could go for the old school technique and quite useful, I must say. Turn on some music, take a hot shower, and catch some Zs. That’s all, you would be back to yourself again, except more cheerful and focussed.

5. Crystal water balls

I love these squishy water balls. Of course, this is everyone’s favourite. This activity is indeed something that will relax you in minutes. I take a bowl full of crystal balls and spend a lot of time playing with them when I am stressed. Just lay back, grab a bowl full of those colorful bouncy crystal balls, and have fun. Definitely works!

6. Go for a walk

This is something I always do, and I am dead sure that works without fail. No matter how busy I am, I call it a day in the evening and go out for a stroll. It need not has anything to do with being stressed or not, I go out and have some fresh air. While strolling, I talk to my friends, listen to good music, think about my next tasks, or just take a deep breath and enjoy the cool breeze that touches me, basically, I do everything that lightens me up. Acting even before the stress hits me. Why bothering to burst your stress after it strikes you when you can avoid it altogether. As it says, “Prevention is always better than cure.”

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7. Read a good book

Everybody has a go-to favorite book. Be it a comics book, fantasy novel, a thriller, or an autobiography, every person has one, basically, anything that takes your mind off your stressful issues. Take that book out of your shelf and give it a read. It makes you feel so much better. A good book takes you to a completely different world and lets you relax. Is it just me, or I don’t know but I find book reading being the ultimate solution for pretty much every emotional problem we face. Personally, I like reading fantasy books as it gives a wider scope to the imagination. I suggest you just that because when you imagine things, you tend to relax. (Psst, if you know any worth reading books, comment down below, perhaps I could use a good book).


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