8 Reasons Why You Should Think of Your Childhood Days Often

β€˜Those were the best days of my life.’ says all; about their school days, college days, or even single days. But what if I tell you there were even better days that beats all of them. It’s just that you can hardly remember those days. Yes, I am talking about our early childhood days.
Even I was on the misconception that my college days were the best until my son came into my life. What fun life he has! I am not kidding here. I wish I could be like him.

Here are eight reasons why I think early childhood days are the best:

1. You Are Loved.

Well, who doesn’t like babies?! Everyone adores you. Your parents, grandparents, all your relatives. Everyone! Even the strangers on the streets would have looked at the baby ‘You’ and thought ‘God! That baby is so sweet!’ Everyone around would be literally fighting to hold you once, except your mom. She was just damn tired. Just Kidding! I don’t think anybody can love you the way a mother does.

2. You Get Whatever You Want.

Parents, despite all their difficulties, make sure you have everything in your life. They are at your command to get whatever you ask (or cry for!). Food, toys, affection, attention! You name it. Of course, you wouldn’t ask for a million-dollar car when you are that tiny.

3. No Responsibilities! No Judgments!

Nobody expects you to behave in a certain way or finish anything within the time. ‘It’s ok. He is just a baby.’ is what others say when my son does something playful or make a mess. It is just a hassle-free life where things get done the way you want and when you want. Sounds amazing?

childhood days

4. You Are Fearless!

Babies love being adventurous and are not afraid to experiment. They fight tirelessly for something, no matter how many times they fail! Well, it’s easy to be that way when there are no judgments. Agree?

5. You Are Carefree!

Babies can’t care any less about others’ opinions. It doesn’t matter if someone calls them fat or skinny, tall or short, beautiful or ugly. How wonderful is that?! In a world full of hatred, injustice, and negativity, babies do manage to stay positive and be themselves.

6. Happiness in the Little Things.

I wonder how my son is so happy at the teeniest tiniest things in life. He can burst into a laugh watching the trees dancing in the wind or when a playful dog wags its tail. As we grow, we neglect these little things in a constant search for better ones. Nothing seems to satisfy us- work, relationships, or possessions. Don’t you think?

7. Forgetfulness, a Bliss!

We all have our fair share of memories that we don’t want to look back. Right? But, have you ever seen a baby crying over things that happened months ago. No, you won’t! Because they tend to forget things that are not relevant. Forgetfulness does seem a bliss at times.

8. No Hard Feelings.

There are days where my patience takes a turn, and I end up scolding my son. But, you know what? Even when I am angry, he comes and hugs me for comfort. Oh, this melts my heart and takes no time for the mom-guilt to kick in. Babies don’t hold a grudge against anyone. They forgive! They are kind and can bring a smile on anyone’s face in no time.

childhood days


Now that you know all the reasons, do you feel bad not remembering those childhood days? Do you miss being that incredible baby? Let me tell you something. Your childhood may be over. But, that doesn’t mean you have to leave the child in you.

We all still have that wild child lingering deep inside us, waiting to be free. It’s our responsibility to bring out that inner child to leave the past behind us and realize what matters; to be fearless and do things that make us happy; to be positive and find the magic in the little things in life.

Bring out your inner child!

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31 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why You Should Think of Your Childhood Days Often

  1. I had a wonderful childhood and do think of it often. For some unknown reason, a lot of people turn to me with their problems and I have mention that not every child is loved as.much as they ought to be – damages them for life.

  2. Childhood times are definitely precious! If only my memories are good lol luckily my parents took a lot of pictures and have lots of stories to remind me. πŸ™‚

  3. Now that I’m older I think about my childhood so much more. My childhood experiences helped shape me into the person I am today so it’s important that I understand those experiences and the effects they had on my personal development. Great post, thanks for sharing !

  4. It’s so nice to remember moments from your childhood, the people who were around you then and might not be anymore, and all the joyful time you had being carefree.

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