9 simple things You can do to improve the Environment

You know what is the best gift you can give to your kids?? A healthy, prosperous environment for them to grow up and build a life. Just like water, food, and shelter, a safe environment is also a necessity that we have been neglecting for so long without even realizing. Although unknowingly, we are all responsible for the deterioration of our environment. It caters to all our needs and yet we utterly failed to appreciate and preserve it. Now, it’s high time we should do everything we can to improve the environment.

I know we all have jobs and we are all busy to go out, water plants or run/take part in campaigns every day, but we definitely can change a few things with a sense of responsibility. We all neglected it because we never acknowledged our responsibility towards nature. So, now, let’s take up the responsibility.

Ways to Improve the environment

Wondering how?

Let’s see what we can do!

1. Proper disposal of electronic gadgets

One such thing that’s absolutely mandatory to improve the environment. Electronic stuff emits harmful radiations into the atmosphere that’s dangerous for both the environment and your health. That’s why you need a proper disposal system for the E-waste. There are several ways for E-waste disposal, choose the most convenient way for you and stick to it.

Not just the disposal you should be concerned of, even when you are using the products you must remember to take care of a few things like not leaving the product plugged in long after it’s fully charged, turning it off when you are not using.

2. Save water. Period.

Pay attention to your everyday water usage. I don’t even understand where to start with this one. I go to a restaurant and see a lot of people at the end of their meal fill their glasses to the top with water and drink only a quarter of it. The rest is waste.

I see a lot of people clean their bikes and cars using hose pipe with water that way more than that is required. And a lot of other things where so much of water is going to waste.

This is the most concerned issue in recent days. People, particularly in cities, are wasting so much water even for the most trivial things. Use only what’s needed. We cannot afford such wastage of water.

You can also save rainwater and use it for purposes other than drinking and cooking.

3. Use bicycles to travel a shorter distance

You might want to go to a nearby grocery store or a medical shop or to meet a friend, use a bicycle or walk. It reduces pollution and keeps you healthy. Two birds, one stone!

4. Earth Hour

Every year, I definitely turn off lights for one hour on EARTH HOUR DAY. Don’t think that what happens with just one hour, one day. Every big change starts with a small step.

Also, limit the power usage on a daily basis and go for solar panels.

5. Use paper/cloth bags instead of plastic bags

You are shopping and when the staff hands you a plastic bag, reject it. That way you will remember to carry a paper/cloth bag with you the next time you go running errands. And also when you ask for an eco-friendly carry bag everytime you shop, it will encourage the shop owners to swap their plastic bags with paper/cloth bags.

6. Re-use

Re-use things. It’s nothing wrong. Reusing comes with a lot of environmental and economic benefits. It reduces landfills and saves money. Always choose reusable over disposable stuff. And when you are done with a particular product, make a donation, there’s always someone out there who needs it. That way you will be helping that person and also the environment.

7. Teach kids the importance of eco-friendly living

Kids need to know the importance of the eco-friendly way of living. They are the next generation and they need to know how crucial it is for a happy living. Make it a family tradition to nurture and improve the environment around you.

8. Minimalism is the new luxury

Choose the minimalistic way in everything. Don’t fill up your house with so much stuff. It’s your house, not a storeroom. The amount of things you dispose of is directly proportional to the quantities you buy. You buy a thing and you try to dispose of the old one even if it’s still usable. Try to avoid that and use every product to its fullest extent.

9. Don’t throw away the leftover food

You go to a restaurant and at the end of your meal if there’s leftover food, get it packed. If you don’t want to eat leftover food later, then give it to somebody in need on the way back to your home. It’s the best thing you can do.  I do the same.

improve the environment

Peace out!

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