Best Ever Spread – Chocolate and Rhum Spread From Malsala Monk

In a world where there are tons of spreads and kinds of butter available to make your regular dish exotic taste, I lately discovered a product that is capable of empowering all of them. Yes, the Chocolate and Rhum Spread that I am talking about has the caliber to make you forget about the popular spreads and it is soon going to be a part of your everyday meal, once you go through this review for the same.

Get To Know The Chocolate and Rhum Spread

Chocolate and Rhum are some of the two very favored flavors in the world and I am myself fond of the first one. So this became the first reason why I was tempted to try this spread. However, I wanted to know more about the same before placing an order and this is what I gathered.

First of all, I wanted to know about its main components – Chocolate and Rhum. Well, chocolate is an amazingly sweet and the kind of love it receives from the world has no limits. Recently, the dark chocolate flavor has become more popular among the fans of chocolate and I would say why not?

The taste of dark chocolate is enriched with chocolate which simply tells about the usage of high-quality beans in its preparation and given its controlled levels of added sugar, it is a perfect sweet snack for almost everyone.

Moving on to the next flavor of the spread, it is made using the traditional Cuban rhum. Now, this item is itself tempting in taste as well as its name so I collected everything related to its preparation and usage in Chocolate and Rhum Spread.

Cuban rhum is prepared using high-quality sugarcanes, squishing them to extract the juice and then boiled to form molasses and sugar. This molasses is later fermented with yeast and the resultant liquid is stored in the white oak barrels for years before putting to any use. And now we know one of the items where this product is used.

Now that this amazing product has been infused with the flavor of rhum and chocolate, it seems so inviting to try this out.

Ways To Try The Chocolate and Rhum Spread

Once we are done listening about a food product that is not only tasty but also is prepared with natural ingredients, it is tough to resist them for long. And that is why I am here sharing the ways in which you can try this product other than the traditional and most common to spread it on a plain slice of bread and enjoying the quick snack.

The Breakfast Toast

Yes, a sufficiently toasted crunchy toast marks the perfect beginning of the day and adding the delicious Chocolate and Rhum Spread on is going to keep in the best mood all day long. So, try this quick, simple and filling recipe.

Icing For The Brownies

A perfectly baked brownie with an appropriate amount of nuts and sugar makes it a delight but can you think of one way to make it even better? Well, what I did was I added the Chocolate and Rhum Spread to my beloved brownie and yes, this spread really did wonders.

The Milky Drink

Well, chocolate milkshake and cold coffee are some of my favorite drinks of all time. For some, they are also the mood cheering mantras and everyone who favors them is about to get a delightful taste of the drink. Yes, you got that right, by adding the Chocolate and Rhum Spread in it, your drink is going to taste better than ever and you’ll also realize how great this product is.

For A Frozen Dessert

We all loved the chocolate-dipped desserts and that is why I brought up another possibility to not only utilize this spread but add a different taste to your favorite dessert. You can choose to dip your cookie or desired fruit in it and let it freeze for an hour to set. Believe me, you are just going to do it again and again and still not be over with the taste.

Nutritional Facts Of Chocolate and Rhum Spread

Yes, the food product that you have been reading about so far is not only tasty but also has good nutritional value tagged along with it. For a jar weighing roughly 300 grams of Chocolate and Rhum Spread by Masala Monk, this is the nutrient intensity for every 100 grams of it.

Energy: 1472 kJ/ 353 kCal

Fat: 17.4 grams

Carbs: 30.2 grams

Protein: 3.5 grams

Salt: .011 grams

And apart from the usage of as much as 56% of cocoa in it, this yummy spread also utilized some olive oil in its preparation.

Yes, not a single ingredient used in its preparation is a preservative and this product is 100% natural with natural sweetness and suitable to health. As of taste, I think you know most of it and for the rest, you will be assured once you receive your delivery for the Chocolate and Rhum Spread.

Recommendation: While you are at it, you might as well look at another wonderful product from Masala monk called Ammiji’s Chai Masala.


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