Diwali 2017 look-book & how I celebrated the festival of lights

Diwali 2017 celebrations

Diwali, the festival of lights! The festival everyone eagerly waits for. This whole month is a busy one as two festivals (Dussehra and Deepavali) come one after another with no much time gap. Every Indian household engrosses in cleaning and decorating their houses and shopping of course. Diwali also includes crackers but this year I decided to celebrate smoke and noise free Diwali. So, wanna see how I celebrated this Diwali 2017 in the absence of crackers.

1. Vibrant Rangolis

When I was a kid, we used to put rangolis at our grandparent’s place for every festival. But these days, it has become very less. But this year, we decided to bring it back and relive those memories again. So, this is the rangoli we (I mean, mom) did at our home.

diwali 2017

2. Lakshmi Puja/Prayer

On this day, a special puja is offered to Goddess Lakshmi in the morning and evening as well.

diwali 2017

3. Decorating homes with Diyas

The beauty of house increases with the number of Diyas. I love this part. No matter how many Diyas we put it always seems less to me.

diwali 2017

diwali 2017

4. Sweets, sweets, and lots of sweets

Making a lot of sweets and exchanging them with our loved ones is an every Diwali routine. And laddoos are a must-have-recipe in every Indian household.

diwali 2017

5. Family gatherings

Fun part! Meeting family members, get-togethers, waves of laughter, exchanging gifts, never-ending photoshoots etc etc etc… After all, festivals are meant to spend time with family more than anything. Every year it’s a ritual to celebrate every Diwali at our grandparent’s home. So as usual, we went there and had a great time.

6. Crackers

Diwali usually includes crackers. Children love them (I do, too). We used to fire a whole lot of crackers for every Diwali. But considering the air and sound pollution, we didn’t burst any crackers this year.

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My Diwali 2017 lookbook

My most favorite part of any festival is shopping and dressing up. But this time I couldn’t do much shopping so I gave my earlier dresses a new look. Took mom’s help as she has more fashion sense than me. We have planned two looks, one for the morning puja and the other for the evening.

Traditional morning look

In the morning, I choose to wear a traditional outfit. So, I turned my crop top and skirt into a traditional lehenga. Also, I added a tinge of Orange (orange is the new black) and gold to give it a more traditional festive look. To complement the lehenga I paired it up with jewelry and lots of bangles. And I just love the way everything blended.

diwali 2017

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diwali 2017

diwali 2017

Coming to the makeup, I’ve tried to keep it as simpler as possible cause I like the look-natural makeup and I really loved the way it complimented my outfit.

A little contrast in the evening

Unlike the other festivals, Diwali celebrations continue till night with lighting up the Diyas all over the house, crackers and all. And Diwali nights are usually filled with smoke. So, to keep up with all the smoke and sweat, I had kept the evening look quite simple yet striking. I chose a simple cotton Kurta and amped it up with makeup and accessories.

diwali 2017

As you can see, I have paired this kurta with a nice pair of earrings, a simple choker neckpiece and a watch (didn’t wear anything on the other hand, left it simple). And, put on a coffee shaded lip tint to add an extra to my ordinary kurta. *wink*

diwali 2017diwali 2017

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45 thoughts on “Diwali 2017 look-book & how I celebrated the festival of lights

  1. Happy belated Deepawali! I am in equal measures glad and surprised you didn’t mention crackers as a nostalgic element in Deepawali! But my favourite parts are the diyas of course. You looked fabulous needless to say.
    May the blessings of the light be with us!

    1. Yea, crackers sure are nostalgic elements but considering the pollution they’re causing we didn’t buy much this time.
      Thanks so much and wish you the same! πŸ™‚

  2. Great post! Good to know about other people’s culture and tradition. I have some Indian friends and co workers also so I am kind of familiar with it. I love Indian food too!

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