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Hello, December! {Final leg of the year 2018}

December already!! It seems just yesterday I was excited for the year 2018 and we are already one step closer to the year 2019. Feels this year went by in just a blink. Do you reckon the same? Or is it only me? 2018 has been such a good friend to me, I had new experiences, learned new things, hit a few bumps in the road only to learn from them, checked off many on my bucket-list and added a lot more, made new friends, gained a lot of you amazing followers, and many, many more. 2018 has been a total package. I will certainly remember it as one of the best years of my life.

As we are getting closer and closer to the end of a fantastic year and the beginning of a much more fantastic 2019, all the memories and emotions came rushing to me. Of all the 25 New Years I’ve had so far in my life, this one is wonderfully and consciously productive, peaceful and emotionally satisfying. I genuinely feel grateful for everyone and everything that took part in my journey, no matter how small one’s role is, they will always be a part of my life.

One more month to go to the year 2019! I intend to start the new year with an attitude of gratitude and a huge welcoming smile.

“Successfully wasted 11 months of the year 2018, one to go.”

This particular line has become viral on social media, at the time of every new year it makes its presence felt, and everybody says they could so relate to it. But I don’t really think so. There is nothing in this universe that goes wasted ever, particularly your experiences and emotions. You are not the person you were last year, and you definitely won’t be the person you are this year. Your experiences change you into a different person every day. You realize it or not but every year teaches you something that makes a lot of difference in who you are and where you go.

Life is a huge blessing. Start the new year 2019 on a happier note. December is here and you all might have already started wondering what to be your resolutions for the coming year. But before you make new resolutions, take some time out and recall what all happened this year and what you have learned. Only then you will know what has to be a priority for the coming year.

Every new year, we keep a bunch of resolutions only to say I couldn’t keep up with them at the end of the year. And the next year, repeat. At least it happens with most of us. I’d been one of those until last year but this year, I did fairly well. To keep up with your resolutions, you need to be resolute. So, this new year 2019, try changing the way you make your resolutions. Doesn’t matter if it’s only one resolution but it has to count this time. Remember, it’s not the quantity that matters, it’s always the quality. And keeping up with one such quality resolution will give you an enormous level of satisfaction.

This one will be a great start for you! “I always choose happiness.” See what I mean by quality.

Not just this, there are many more quality resolutions you can go for this new year. Have an open mind. Appreciate every little thing. Be kind to everyone. Welcome everyone and everything with a smile. Have the courage to take new opportunities. Travel to your heart’s content. Not to criticize yourself or anyone else.

Add these qualities to everything you do in the year 2019, you will be amazed at how fantastic your life will turn out. I’m not just saying, you know, these really have the power to escalate the quality of any year.

Happy December, Youse! Make it count



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