The Much-Needed Green Planet Challenge 2019

Rainforests are being wiped off the planet.

Innocent animals have been suffering.

Polluted air and water.

Planet’s most beautiful places have been trashed.

And this is only the beginning. A lot worse is going to happen if we don’t step up and act.

Recent Amazon rainforest incident moved me so much that I had a sleepless night when I heard the news. We have been given something so beautiful (Planet Earth) and we are doing a darn good job in turning it into something ugly. And don’t say, ‘I didn’t do anything. It’s the politicians and business people.’ Nuh-huh. We have all become a part of this in some capacity.

Every plastic bag we have bought, every gadget we purchased, every tree we have cut down, and every other act of ignorance toward the planet has cost us this destruction.

Whenever something this destructive happens, we talk over it for hours, make a social media update and move on with our lives from the very next moment. And when someone asks what should we do to act against climate change, we turn blank and say, ‘what difference can one person make? It’s not like if I stop doing this, climate change would stop?’ We say all these excuses.

But every change starts with one person and that one person’s effort is a lot. A LOT. We use Google to search for a lot of things on an everyday basis but have you ever Googled for ‘what can I do to act on climate change?’ Probably not. Very few of you might have.

But gone are those days where you can not be bothered by it. Now, it’s a must. So, this led me to the idea of “The Green Planet Challenge.” Cause why not? When there’s Ice-bucket-challenge, mannequin challenge, why not Green Planet Challenge?

I’ve challenged myself to live an eco-friendly life and my journey began with a strong will to do so. Although it’s been a while since I stopped using plastic bags, I’ve re-established that rule again and decided to follow it without any excuses.

We (my family and I) carry an eco-friendly cloth/jute bag every time we go out so if we need anything we can use the ones we have with us instead of purchasing plastic bags. Even if we don’t have a cloth bag with us, we either skip shopping altogether or carry the purchased items with our hands to the car. It’s a little awkward in the beginning, but we get used to it. It’s very important to avoid plastic bags.

As much as we do take an initiative towards climate change, we must also try to bring environmental awareness to the people around us. Tell your friends and family why you are doing this and why they should do it too. So, take up this Green Planet Challenge and post a video/picture on your social media talking about at least one thing you are doing for Planet Earth. Also, don’t forget to tag me and challenge everybody you know.

No Plastic Bags!

*Every little act counts*

Lots of LOVE,


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