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How Prayer Helps Us

Being spiritual is not easy. Especially in this era where people seem to question almost everything that happens and exists. And why wouldn’t we? Pretty much everything indeed seems questionable. But I believe even a question complemented with belief will have a much more positive effect. It’s like a protective wall around your vulnerability.

What do we do to build such a great belief?

I don’t know, there may be many ways, but one amongst them that helped me is DEVOTION. It helped me get out of many difficult times and complicated emotions, which I never thought I could be rid of. How prayer helps is a subject potential to be made into a book but I’ll speak of my experiences here.

How Devotion made a change?

If I could think, I can only name a few of the changes it made, but I know for sure that there were a lot of things that might have gone unnoticed. And also, it would be different for each individual. You must try it for yourself if you want to know what you are capable of.

How Prayer Helps

First things first

I became calm on the inside. I used to experience a storm on the inside, even for a tiny mishap. People think I’m a cool-headed person, but God knows I was a wreck on the inside. Everybody feels that way. I still feel that way sometimes, but I don’t feel like that’s the end of the world now. Even while I’m going through that emotion, I know it’s a feeling that comes and goes. Not saying I’m perfect now (nobody is) but things became clear. When a contingency happens, I feel myself focusing more on the solution rather than being anxious about the problem. And I think that’s the most significant change devotion and belief made for me.

I connected more with myself. In a way, I found my authentic self. What I like, what I don’t, which people are good for me and which people don’t, which decision might make me happy etc., etc. Knowing myself more, gave a boost to my confidence. I remember being my own mentor at several times. Why? Because I, only I, can understand myself the best. Plus, when we are so connected to ourselves, we know where we are lacking and where we are fitting. And that helps us in enhancing ourselves.

We all define happiness in different ways. But none would disagree when I say happiness can be found next to the peace of mind. And yes, that precisely is what happened to me. Praying often helped me achieve peace of mind and ergo, happiness. It’s not jumping joy, but you know, the satisfaction with wherever you are in your life at the moment. The contentment that everything is happening according to the (God’s) plan.

And the last and biggest one is that even when you find yourself in a nerve-wracking situation, you’ll still dare to expect the positive out of it. Believe me, when you start doing that, things will automatically change in your favour. Everything will first begin in your mind.

Finally, all I can say is that Devotion helped me achieve a Healthy & Happy Mind. This is how prayer helps. I hope you enjoyed your time here. I’ll see you soon again!

Lots of LOVE,


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