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How to reach your NY Goals? Did I keep up with my 2018 Resolutions?

Remember the New Year Resolutions for 2018 I’ve shared with you at the beginning of the year? Yep, now I’m going to review myself how I have done. Every year it’s just a bunch of resolutions that I forget the next month but this time, I have done fairly well and I can’t stop myself from patting my shoulder. 2018 has been a fab year and here’s what happened!

You might wanna ask why do I do it here? Because the only reason that I did well with my NY goals 2018 is that because I told everybody about them, I made it public, and I also planned this reviewing myself post at the beginning of the year itself. So I know I have to keep up with all my resolutions, otherwise, it’d be a bummer. I was motivated all year to follow what I wanted to.

That’s what I suggest you all also, make your resolutions list public. Probably share it on your Facebook profile or some other social media channel and also mention at the end of that post that you’re also going to review yourself at the end of the year. And be honest. *Wink* Once you make it public, you can’t forget it even if you want to.

Okay, so…

First I’ll start with the things I couldn’t make happen, and the first one in this section is waking up early. Yeah, it would have been great but I couldn’t do it due to the extremely busy days I spent this year. This one has been a constant on my list every year and as I failed to do it this year too, this resolution is definitely going forward to 2019 and I hope and try to do it in the coming year at least.

And the next one I failed to keep track of is to make a note of how my every day ends. But, but, I definitely tried to stay positive every day in 2018.

And the other one I failed miserably with is the mobile usage. But, come on, half of my work happens on my phone, so I think this is something I cannot possibly do ever. Ergo, I’m going to rule it out.

Now the things I succeeded at: 

Book reading, yes! I reached half of my expectation and I’m totally satisfied with every book I read in 2018. The first half of the year, as I said, is pretty busy, so I couldn’t read much but the latter half, I picked it up. I read for pleasure and this year I definitely made it a habit. So, yeah, that’s a score.

Being punctual. I’m usually punctual and I’ve also been very punctual all 2018, and I also intend to continue this forever. Because being punctual definitely has its benefits.

As far as grabbing the opportunities (big or small), I’ve done exceptionally well. Every chance that I came across, I utilized and climbed a step up. And the result, I published my first book, I became a columnist, I gave motivational speeches (being someone with stage fright, this is a big one for me). So, I think this is one thing I passed with distinction in 2018.  I do not need to mention it again, it has to be a life-long resolution.

And the next one is doing something voluntary without any monetary benefits attached. Yes, I did well with one as well. I did two motivational sessions in 2018 and oh, boy, I feel supremely great about it. And yes, I’m going to continue this too.

Embrace the flaws and try to get better. CHECK. Yes, I definitely outdid myself in this case. I tackled my fears and did many things that I feel proud of now.

Spending time with Family. DOUBLE CHECK. This I did every day in 2018 that I’m actually tired of it now and I really, really need some me-time or probably a vacay. LOL.

Work more than what you receive. CHECK.

Learn and experience new things. CHECK. As I thought I couldn’t really continue learning Spanish but I managed to learn/experience things that are much more important in life. After all, life doesn’t go the way we plan. It’s unpredictable. And that’s the best thing about it!

Step up the savings game. CHECK. Yes, I’m also happy about this. I did well. I made an investment in 2018. Savings is one thing but investing those savings is much, much better.

Not to sit idly. CHECK. And also, it turned out to be I CANNOT sit idly either, even if I try, which has been one of my mom’s complaints about a while.

Make my own happiness. CHECK. Yes! I figured it out. There had been a few emotional breakdowns but after I made a conscious decision to be happy, it has a huge impact on how I feel. I’m not saying I don’t have breakdowns anymore but now, I just feel I know how to handle them. *Touchwood*

Spend time with nature. CHECK. I did this so often in 2018 that it sort of became a habit.

And finally, I reached 70% to 80% of it, which is not bad at all. Let me know how your 2018 went in the comments section below and any piece of advice you’d like to give for the NEW YEAR 2019. And also tell me if you think any of these resolutions have a chance to be on your list for 2019.

LOVE! Nikki.


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  1. I like the book reading part, reading opens your mind and you can grow as a person. You will be able to understand a lot of things, I will add this in my New Year Resolutions, thanks for the idea

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