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International Women’s Day marks and celebrates the social, cultural, political and economic achievement of women across the world. International Women’s Day not just celebrates women but also focuses on unity, women equality as well as equal rights for men and women. This day also marks a call to action to accelerate and progress gender parity and promote women growth and equal rights. The International Women’s Day traces back its roots to the year 1908 where thousands of women marched on the streets of New York demanding women rights and standing up for them. It is celebrated henceforth to keep the movement going and also to honor every single woman in the world.

The time is Now

There is a rising determination to call for change which is further propelled and made stronger in the wake of headlines we read every day regarding sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence against women. There’s a lot of stigma and doubt attached when it comes to what a woman can do and what she can’t. Women have often been stereotyped to do a certain line of work like household chores, teaching jobs and the likes. It’s time women change the way people think and be the change they want to see. Let 2k18 be a better year in terms of the progress made for women empowerment, women rights, and women inclusion while seeking and continuing to face the challenges that come our way with strength, courage, and determination.

This International women’s day find unique ways to get involved with the campaign and do your bit to make the resolve stronger! Though we all would collectively agree that women don’t need a special day to celebrate their greatness but celebrating one day that honors women sounds fair enough. Join other men and women around the world to seize the moment, celebrate and take charge to transform women’s lives everywhere! Some of them are as follows:

  1. Press for progress

Like last year, the campaign theme around the world was #beboldforchange, this year it is #pressforprogress! The International women’s day commemorates and comes on the heels of unprecedented global movement for women’s rights, equality, and justice.! With a groundswell of momentum, this year’s International Women’s Day is going to be bigger than ever! Share your support on social media and take this opportunity to stand up, speak up and be heard.

  1. Promote gender diversity around you

To empower women, the first step we need to take is to stop putting women down. Creating healthy and sustainable economies equal opportunities must be given to women in all walks of life. As our country becomes more prosperous, our growth trajectory will be less profitable if thousands of women still remain aloof to the idea of getting the adequate education. In order to support the large population and to expand their workforce, education for both a boy and girl must be mandatory.

  1. Empower and support other women

Empowering a woman simply means improving and increasing the social, economic, legal and political strength of women, having equal rights, living freely and being more confident to make decisions that are beneficial for them as well the whole society. This International women’s day let us all pledge to be nicer and more supportive of other women instead of letting them down and be happy to see other women succeed. All for one and one for all.

  1. Help a woman in need

A woman in herself is a full circle, she finds in her the strength and the courage to take on whatever life throws in her direction and come out of it stronger while supporting and nurturing everyone around her. May we, as women, find the potency to fight for what we believe is right and stand up against the wrong. Even though women today are learning to speak up for themselves, there still remain several women who are dealing with the harsh realities of life. Take it upon you to help at least one. If you know a woman who’s suffering, encourage her to speak and voice her opinion out. Sexual harassment, the crime against women, rape, eve teasing is more prevalent than we realize. Be a role model to the women who are afraid to speak, stimulate them to push their comfort zones and become self- reliant.

  1. Be kind

Being kind is an imperative way to bring meaning to everyone’s lives.  Your one act of kindness can do wonders for others. Be compassionate and be that positive force in other’s lives. But most of all, be kind to yourself and believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

International Women's Day | Nikki's talk

For us to reach and realize our full potential, it’ll take both men and women to walk side by side and contribute our full capabilities. Let’s not make IWD 2018 about tearing each other down, but building each other up!

Women- Transforming lives everywhere
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Women- Transforming lives everywhere
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