Key To Happiness: Dream it, Live it!

Down the memory lane! * Childhood * A word that resonates and reminds each one of us of numerous good, happy and bittersweet reminiscences. Truth be told, our childhood indeed plays a great role in shaping us to be the people we are today. Incidents that happened a good ten to fifteen years earlier, teach us things that no one can. This also makes me mull over the gravity of the statement- the biggest lesson you learn in life is from your own mistakes and experiences. People learn through what they go through. And life has its own unique way to make us realize things we normally wouldn’t give two hoots about otherwise. How we approach life, says a lot about who we are. We all need a little reminder time and again about what is important in life and what isn’t.

Key to happiness

Remember how we were all too eager to grow up? So was I. This ‘one’ particular incident that is etched into my mind till date instantly makes me realize how everything in life is temporary. Musing on this incident, or when I was about 15 years old and putting up a fight with my parents to let me go for a sleepover to a friend’s place who was leaving the country. Putting my foot down and vehemently opposing every rational point they made, I wanted things done my way. They eventually gave in. Goes without saying that night taught me a lot of things. A group of 4 friends fighting over a misunderstanding, when we should be promising to be friends forever! We fought over the pettiest issues, belittling each other and not listening to what the other has to say! Turns out, neither of us made through the night happily and went back with nothing but remorse. Cut to today, we neither talk nor know anything about each other. All our lives, we’ve wanted to know the success mantra or the key to happiness. Little did I realize, this is something we learn as we move through life, one step at a time. I have penned down a few life lessons that have made me stronger and happier. These are:

I realized, as clichéd as it may sound, we are all our own heroes. The only person who can save you from the harsh realities of life is YOU! Make yourself a priority and be a good human. Treat yourself like you would want others to treat you. Build your confidence up and know nothing in this life can be big enough to tear you apart.

Two, I understood, how the family (not just our blood ties, but people you can count on) must be chosen carefully, for they are the ones who’ll stick with you when the going gets tough. We live and learn. We eventually find who’s worth the effort and who we must let go to make ourselves and our lives better. We take pride in having plenty of friends, but not everyone would be happy to see us happy. The sooner we realize this, the better.

Three, always stand up for what you feel is right and take chances when you can. Last and the most important- nothing lasts forever! We all have our share of black days but whatever happens in your life only makes you stronger, so that we all shine bright like stars that we already are! Don’t allow the voices of fear be louder than the voice of reason, the voice of logic, the voice of confidence and the voice of belief. Make sure they drown out the voice of fear or insecurity in your head.

Four, Life is happening now! Now is the time to have fun and go all out. This may be the night when your dreams let you know all the stars are closer. We keep waiting for things to happen for us to be happy. We feel that amazing thing is our key to happiness, but the truth is it is right now! Happiness is right now, within you. Look for it within you and continue to have an incredible life. Do what makes you happy. People who steal your peace of mind and happiness deserve no spot in your life. Let them go.

Five, life has no shortcuts. We must work hard to get the work done and it’s never too late. Don’t be stuck in your comfort zone and cry about how your time has passed. Don’t use this as an excuse but use it to build something you’ve always wanted.

Six, don’t carry a baggage. Heal yourself. Don’t allow pain from your past liner or cause you suffering. It’s okay to talk to people about whatever is troubling you and see help to renew your emotional health.

Last but not the least, whatever goes around, comes around. Share love freely and express it daily. I hope you find your key to happiness and never let it go.

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key to happiness

15 thoughts on “Key To Happiness: Dream it, Live it!

  1. This speaks to me on so many levels! I was also that girl who wanted to grow up quickly. Only to realize it’s not that special haha.

  2. I believe that you can do anything that you set your mind to. So many people are closed minded these days. I love the dream it, live it philosophy. Time flies by. Chase your dreams while you still can.

  3. […] ……….just to name a few. See, they sound amazing, don’t they!? Life is so simple, we are complicating it. Still, you don’t find any of your achievements, then you should get to know yourself better. Because I’m certain that you’re an achiever. To get to know yourself better, I’ll give you an idea. Take a notepad or a mobile phone and write every little positive thing you have done every day and have a look at them at the end of every month. In just 2 to 3 months you’ll get a better picture of yourself. In case, you are not satisfied at the end of the day, start doing better things. This way you could also get a chance to improve yourself for good. I’m not saying you need not do anything big. You should always aim high but before that, you have to accept the things you have already achieved and go towards your life goals with that confidence. Because even if you have reached the stars without achieving any of those little things I’ve mentioned above, you can’t be happy with yourself. For example, your riches aren’t any worth without a kind heart. “Let your small achievements be the beginning of your biggest dreams.” So, the bottom line is, whatever you do must be good both for you and the society and those tiny achievements of yours do matter more than you know. You may also like to read “Key to happiness: Dream it, Live it.” […]

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