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Life Update: It is what it is…

Hi, people! How are you doing? I kinda took a long break, didn’t I? But I’m glad it’s over now and I’m back to my favorite people. Also, I think a life update to you guys is due. The past month has been very rough, it almost felt like an eternity. My life isn’t what it used to be a month back. I lost my grandma, it is such a loss no one can compensate. And later, as a ceremonial ritual, we had to go take a dip in the sea and I happen to severely sprain my ankle there. Who would’ve thought?! Before a month, I had no idea I would be in such a place. So, the end of 2019 turned out to be rather painful for me. Both physically and mentally. Although, thankfully, I’m recovering well.

The end of 2019 has been pretty transformational for me. I acquired a whole new perspective on life and people. In just one month I learned so much about life and people around me. I’m not judging anyone but there are so many different kinds of people out there that it hurts my head. Some made me anxious, some made me feel calm, some surprised me, some comforted me while some disgusted me. And the silver lining to any difficult situation is if you pay close attention you will figure out who your real friends are and who are not. People can be very tricky and I know that now more than ever.

Life is all about change. Today won’t be anything like yesterday, and tomorrow won’t be as today. That is why I believe in acting with a simple mind. Because things won’t be the same, we over-think it and try to control things but would it be possible to control life? No. Then why this unnecessary struggle. It’s not ideal to interfere with life if you want peace of mind. Let life unfold itself and you take care of yourself (mind and body), the only thing that’s mostly in your control. You would be so surprised if you could try and match the frequency of life.

Finally, my point here is that it is what it is. We cannot change things, what’s gonna happen is gonna happen. But sometimes, we humans, make it even more complicated. Things are complicated as is, why make it worse with unwanted opinions and feelings. Don’t get me wrong, opinions and feelings are important but sometimes we end up giving them out where it’s not needed and this can make things really difficult.

And one last thing I learned the hard way is, being spontaneous is the best plan one can have. A month back I had so much planned out for December but see where I am now, in a place that was nowhere in my plan. Plan as you go, that’s my new plan now.

So, this is it for now. I hope I did not bore you, I just wanted to pour my heart out and if it can help someone to speak out their feelings, I’d be happy. I’ll see you again with another topic, hopefully, something fun.



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6 thoughts on “Life Update: It is what it is…

  1. No boredom here. I lost my daddy last December 28. This Christmas is hard too. I’m an over thinker, and dont know how to change that. But at the same time, not a planner. For this month, I’m taking it day by day and doing my best to keep it a upbeat holiday and not saddened because my dad last spoke to us on christmas eve. You are right, it is what it is.

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