Life Update: Lazy Month February!

February. Again, in 2020, February had been a lazy month. I have been wondering why, of all months, February happens to be so slothful for me. I mean, why? It could be June or September or any other, but no, it has to be February always. For me, at least.

Did anyone feel the same way? 

It was February last year as well. And before that, too. You know, I read somewhere that people in the USA celebrate a holiday called LAZY DAY on August 10th every year. But for me, it happens to be the second month every year. One whole month. LOL.

I kept thinking why and here’s what I figured. Every year, in the first month, I get over-excited and tend to overwork myself and exhaust all my energy. So, subconsciously, I crave for some relaxation and before I know it, I start slackening off. A bit too much. As much as I overworked myself in January, I tend to over-relax in February. It’s a cycle.

lazy month february

I guess it happens with all of us some time or another. 

It’s not like I went into hibernation all February but I take a step back and do things that are not in my work plan. Days seemed slower, I sat back, phone in one hand, and munching on some junk food.

I also did some things that gave me joy but no way related to work.

I practiced my Spanish lessons,

I read books,

I watched many Korean dramas,

I watched a movie in theatre after so long,

I did binge-shopping,

I had delicious food,

I slept,

I spent some quality time with my Grandfather,

I talked my heart out with people,

I enjoyed my evening walks,

I fangirled over BTS’ new album,

I did photoshoots,

I sorted out my thoughts, etc.

See, none related to work. Now that I made a list, it feels like a lot. But I enjoyed, although a tiny glimmer of guilt crept inside me now and then. But eh, as long as I had fun. Actually, reading-wise, February has been my most productive month. I read four books in February alone.

lazy month February

So, this happens to be my February 2020. How was it for you? Ain’t we all need a little cave to go hiding in when we are lost in work and business? Now, it’s March and I’m gladly back to myself. More like, my work self.

That is how my February was. Anyway, this teaches me neither to overwork nor to over-relax, I better find a balance between these two. That way, I could get the most out of both work and professional worlds.

Okay, so, this is my tiny life update for you. I will see you soon again! Very soon.


Lots of LOVE,


(Penname: Sarvani)

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