My First Ever Award: New Experiences in New Year 2020

Hola! I’ve got news to share. I received an award from a TV channel on Jan 26, the Republic day of India. If you are following me on Instagram you must have already been bombarded with the updates. LOL. This is my first ever award (so obviously I’m excited) and what more can I ask for than people recognizing and appreciating my efforts. January has not yet even ended and I already have two special experiences in my cap. All thanks to my followers who keep supporting me with profound love and care. I am not what I am today without you. So, I thought I ought to tell you how I feel.

Firstly, THANK YOU!

You are the reason that I’ve come this far. You gave me the energy to go further and further ahead. I started this journey in 2017 and in just three years I experienced things that I never thought I would. I created this blog, Nikki’s talk, in March 2017. And from there, I traveled different paths and struggled to create my own career. Fortunately, I had help from so many people and I was also in my right mind to make use of every chance I bumped into.

Along with my followers and readers, I have also two important people to thank in regard to this. Deepak Kumar, who helps me with my blog and Nikhil Chandwani, who helped me become a published author of two books. They were a huge help.

first ever award (2020)

If I have to describe these three years in a few words;

I began,

I stumbled,

I got up,

I made mistakes and I still do,

I took up tiny jobs and respected it no matter what,

I realized things were difficult yet I dared to keep trying,

I hoped,

I believed,

I waited for the right door to open,

I trained myself even when I was waiting,

I welcomed change,

I learned from my own blunders and of others,

I appreciated my efforts and of others,

I accepted I have a few shortcomings and yet I tried my best,

I aspired to inspire people,

I chiseled myself bit by bit into the person I am today,

I worked and worked and worked even I was exhausted as hell,

I knew I still lack something but,

I’ll make sure to teach myself about the things I need to know,

That’s how I journeyed this farther and I intend on exploring beyond,

And YOU made it happen so.

The last three years taught me so many life-altering lessons and I’m grateful for all of these blessings. If you can have the will to learn, life in itself is a wonderful teacher one can have. And if I could learn so much in this time, it’s all because of the support I received from you all. You all made me want to be a better person, to learn more, and to share more. Thank You! Also, gladly, I could check off two things from my 2020 goals, the release of my second book “The Invisible Guardian” and receiving my first ever award.

And coming to the event, it was good. Along with me, ten other people were also awarded for their tremendous contributions in their own line of work. I’m the youngest of them all. They all treated me like a kid that made me feel extra special. It was truly an honor to be seated with such experienced people. Meeting and interacting with such interesting people helped me learn a bit from them.

Each of us spoke for a few minutes and then at the end of the event, we were all felicitated and awarded. Here are a few pictures from my first ever award event:

first ever award (2020) | prime9 news

first ever award (2020) | prime9 news

first ever award (2020) | prime9 news

First ever award (2020) | prime9 news

first ever award (2020)

first ever award (2020)

So, that’s how the day ended. I’ll see you soon again! Adios!

Lots of LOVE,


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