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Navratri Day 4: Reuse & Restyle Your Old Clothes

Hello, people. You might have already figured it out, the theme for Navratri day 4 is Reuse & Restyle. How old is too old? Are we not supposed to wear old clothes? I don’t know where this idea ever came from but I saw some people saying that they don’t like repeating their clothes. What in the world is that? Do they think of it as some kind of trend breaker? I mean I’m not asking you to repeat the same outfit to the same place number of times because we are girls and we can be a little particular about these things. But in general, you definitely can repeat an outfit any number of times. That is actually good and that is how it’s supposed to be. It’s good for you, the society, and the planet we are living in.

In this day and age, we think anything can be fashion and trend (considering many bizarre fashion trends going around the world), they why not reusing be a trend?

For Navratri day 4, I wore an old saree that was purchased years ago. At first, I thought it might look a bit shabby and all but unexpectedly, it looked just normal as any other outfit. So, I learned a lesson that it’s all in your mind and how you style it is important. You can literally change any outfit into something beautiful if you know how to style and carry it.

So… this is my outfit for the day. There must be three rules for any wardrobe. Reuse (& Restyle), Recycle, & Donate. Now I’m doing the first one, Reuse & Restyle.

Navratri day 4 | reuse & restyle

Navratri day 4 | reuse & restyle

Navratri day 4 | reuse & restyle

Navratri day 4 | reuse & restyle

Navratri day 4 | reuse & restyle

Navratri day 4 | reuse & restyle

Navratri day 4 | reuse and restyle

How to Restyle an old outfit?

1. You can accessorize it uniquely so that it will change the vibe of the outfit.

2. Grooming is very important. If you can put effort into looking good even wearing an outdated outfit, you will look pretty regardless of what you are wearing.

3. Go for a decent look. Don’t overdo it trying hard to make it look trendy or stylish. Go with the vibe.

4. Hairstyle. The outfit is just one thing, there are multiple other things that define your style and look. Like, accessories, hairstyles, makeup and your mood as a matter of fact.

5. Try layering your outfit. Mix and match. There comes a multitude of options if you decide to mix and match your outfit.

6. Wear that pretty smile of yours. Confidently.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Navratri Day 4 Story

Today’s avatar is Ma Kushmanda, the fourth form of Ma Durga. It is said that when the universe is inexistent, Ma Kushmanda created some energy with her smile and then the whole universe lighted up. Ma Khushmanda is considered to be the source of all energy in this universe.

Later, she created three goddesses from her energy. From one eye, she created another form of her, Mahakali. From the center of her forehead, another form as Mahalakshmi, and from her other eye, she created Mahasaraswathi. Everything started from the smile of Ma Kushmanda, hence she is believed to be the ultimate power.

That’s all for today. Hopefully, you liked today’s topic. If you missed my day 1, day 2 & day 3 stories of Navaratri, you may check ’em out until we meet again. Adios, Hasta manana!

Lots of LOVE,


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