Navratri Day 6: Family Bonding Time

Festivals are important for two primary reasons. One, we will be connected to our roots, where we came from, traditions that are carried for generations. Two, building or amending our bonds with our kin. Family, friends, and society. Two things that help us build ourselves as individuals, our values and in a way, a well-rounded society.

It’s Navratri day 6 already. Today, I spent some quality time with my family. My mom’s brother and his family visited us today and we had too many laughs to count. It reminded us of our childhood days. Festivals used to be so much fun, laughter, and noise. It was absolute chaos. Some used to gather in the kitchen preparing lots of delicious food, while some chattered noisily in the next room and kids kept running all around the house. As time passed, things changed, people moved to different cities, became extremely busy and have very little time to spare for the things that really matter. I’m guilty of that too, sometimes, I get too immersed in work that I forget my surroundings. I even become cranky if someone disturbs me (my mom’s biggest complaint).

But finally, after five days of the festival, I spent time with my family. And if God helps me, I plan on spending the rest of the festival the same way. Fingers crossed. I know, we all want the same things; happiness, laughter, love, and affection. But we get lost and busy as we go forward that a conscious effort from our side is required. Unless and until we lift our heads from our phones and laptops and look at the people around us, it is impossible to savor the real festivities.

We did not capture any of the things I said just now in any camera but if I can remember so clearly what food my grandma used to make for us, how my cousins used to laugh, how the house was filled with people, how my grandpa used to give me oranges to eat, it’s all because I’ve saved them in my mind. Because I lived in the moment. We may forget what we see but we can never forget how we feel.

That’s the thought that struck me today. I felt nostalgic and wanted to share it with you all. Anyway, enough of this mushy stuff. Apart from this, I also managed to pull off this article too. Thank goodness, I was worried if I had to break this Navratri series.

Navratri Day 6

So, this is my Navratri day 6 outfit. It’s a Pochampally Ikkat silk saree. I’ll only say two things about it; Easy to carry and elegant. I liked it. And this is how I styled it, a bit of retro style, you may say. Winged eye, and flowers. Both my aunt and mom did this hairstyling for me. It turned out pretty great.

navratri day 6

navratri day 6

navratri day 6

That’s all for today, I’ll see you soon again. If you have missed my earlier Navratri posts, you may check ’em out until we meet again.

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