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One way to stop bullying

Bullying! Not just you, me, your friend or someone you know but every one of us is facing bullying. Bullying is not something that just happens in school/college. Bullying happens until you make yourself strong to face it. Know why people bully? They bully when they think someone is too weak to stand for themselves, to raise their voice for their own good, to think they’re strong. We are giving them a chance to bully by projecting ourselves as a timid person which we are absolutely NOT. One cannot dare to bully if we don’t give them a chance. 

People say many things to stop bullying like complaining to your teachers, change your school, blah, blah, blah! But I think there’s only one way to stop bullying. It’s “EYE CONTACT”. When someone is teasing you, just make sure you don’t lose your eye contact with them. The moment you look down breaking the eye contact they’ll gain more power leading to more nasty comments. Eye contact is essential to fight off bullying. No matter how much they try to intimidate you with their comments don’t loose the eye contact. We tend to look down as we’re habituated to that but DON’T. 

Maintaining an eye-contact ain’t as easy as it seems. While looking into the eyes of the bully we have to remember one thing. Your strength has to be visible in your eyes. You know, those sharp looks. Don’t let the bully know you are nervous inside. You don’t even have to talk anything but both your body language and eye-contact have to be strong and sharp.  

Body language. You shouldn’t slouch or fidget or make nervous hand movements. Stick to your ground, literally. Don’t ball up your fists but cross your arms like a boss. Body language also has an essential role here. 

You achieve these two things through self-love. Love yourself and be confident. Don’t think you are less than anyone. You are neither less nor more than anyone. You are just different, we all are. We can’t compare several different things, right! So, stay confident and happy. 


Make yourself as strong as you can. And don’t weep buckets when someone bullies you. They’re bullying you because you are something special. Otherwise, why would anyone say mean things just like that!? I’m sure you’re special. Learn to handle things. And don’t let that smile fade away! 💓

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