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A Pocket Full of Birthday Wishes!

Thank Youuuuuuuu, my dearies for all the birthday wishes and blessings you have sent me. You all truly made my day. This year, it’s really special as I’ve received a lot of blessings from the people who I haven’t even met once in my life. I mean it when I say I feel absolutely blessed to receive so much love from you all.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you might have already been spammed with all my birthday updates and photographs, if not, here’s a bunch of pictures for you!

I’ve given detailed descriptions and product details for both the outfits, click on the relevant links to know more.

birthday wishes

As my birthday falls in the dog days of summer I preferred a more simple outfit but my mom wanted me to doll up in a saree, so first, I wore a Banarasi saree in Golden yellow and pink, one of my all-time favorite combos. And as usual, my mom was right and I loved how I looked in it.

I’ve kept the look pretty simple but I adored how fresh this whole look turned out. Coming to makeup, the stars of the show are the gold and pink eyeshadow, and Iconic London highlighter. The little highlights I did at the inner corners of the eyes and lower waterline with gold eyeshadow brightened it. I did not make the eyeshadows too pigmented, I’ve kept it light for a refreshing vibe. And a few coats of mascara. {RecommendationEveryday Natural Eye makeup 101}

The lipstick I put on here is from Revlon in the shade ‘Daring Pink‘ (code 42).

birthday wishes

birthday wishes

birthday wishes

And here’s the second dress…

birthday wishes

I aimed for a chic look with the second dress. This is Kalamkari kind of printed skirt from the brand Melange and the ruffle top is from Bossini. The skirt costs around 1500 Rs. and the top, 1050 Rs. To complement the outfit, I added a piece of silver jewelry. Everything blended together perfectly.

birthday wishes

Eyeshadow: Sweep gold eyeshadow all over the lid and brown in the crease of the eye. A little gold pigment in the inner corners of the eye and brown color under the lower waterline for depth.

The maroon-ish brown lip color I have here is from some random brand, you could go for any neutral brown shade.

birthday wishes

Footwear: Flats from ‘Code‘.

Accessories: Rose gold watch from ‘Fossil‘, the silver jewelry is widely available on many sites, I’ve got mine from the local market.

So… that’s all the fashion side of my birthday. Apart from that, I’ve had an amazing time on my birthday, thanks to you. And during this scorching summer, the weather cooled down for a brief time for some respite, thanks to the Gods.

The favorite part of my birthday is to see my family & friends trying their best to make me feel special on my B-day, more than anything else the time they have spent and their efforts gave me utmost satisfaction and happiness. {Recommendation: 5 unique birthday ideas to melt your beloved’s heart}

Little things!!

Lots of LOVE,


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  1. Hey, belated happy birthday. Love the kalamkari skirt you are wearing. I too have that big chakra earring. Love your dress sense.

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