19 thoughts on “Social Detox: 9 differences it made {Life without social media}

  1. This is one of the hardest things I have had to try find a balance with between being consistent on social media, but also taking time off the phone! These are really good reasons to enforce that time to ‘detox’. I know Im a lot happier too when I take some time for myself.

    1. So true! It’s one of the hardest things still, we all have to find time for much more important things as well. Finding a balance between these things is absolutely mandatory to have a stress-less life.

  2. I’ve noticed a huge downturn in my mood since using social networks to try to get my blog traffic, and it has really upset me how low I feel about my image or lack on interaction, I thought I was more secure than that.

    I’m definitiely going to detox! Thank you for the gentle self-care reminder.

  3. This is so intriguing, I definitely want to give it a try! It’d be an awesome experiment to see if I experience the same differences that you have. Awesome post!

  4. So true. Everyone has become so addicted and they’re missing our on what’s right in front of them.
    We all need to take a break and live in the moment – not on a screen.

  5. I found your article great! we do not realize the effects of social media until we stop using them.
    Actually, it is interesting that in Judaism, it is prohibited to use the phone during shabath (Saturday) since it is the day of rest. There is a lot of wisdom in that (even if I do not practice it myself)

  6. I LOVE this and try to make a habit of this. Every month of so I try to check my social media habits. It’s hard when you run a business and blog but it isn’t impossible. This is great! I wish more people would do it!

  7. I call it virtual detox and wrote about it in 2017 when I took a 7 months log out break from facebook. This is my #1 productivity tip. I’m an author and I find taking time off social media, especially facebook simply gives time for everything, boosts creativity and productivity and makes me less depressed and stressed. I wrote half of my second novel during that break and later I took 3 weeks off this year to finish that book. 😊 Writing boosts as high as 5000 words a day on such days. Great post. People need to know this.

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