Why I take regular Social Media Breaks?

Just one word. TO BE SANE. If you are one of my social media tribe, you already know how often I take breaks from Instagram and Facebook. At least once a month. As much as social media helps us socialize, it is also a massive monster that turns us jealous, bitter, and competitive. Do we need that? Absolutely not. Although we are very sure of what’s good for our well-being and what’s not, we failed in letting this monster go and make some real connections. That’s exactly why we need to have once in a while social media breaks.

Can you think of one reason why you need to be a regular on social media? You won’t find one reason that weighs more than your mental health. Especially if you are following a bunch of social media influencers and content creators, you have all the more reason to take regular breaks from social media. Their everyday picture-perfect updates and lifestyle may have a negative effect on you. It’s their job to create good content (and there’s so much struggle behind the camera that we don’t see) but I know how people take it.

I’m a blogger/content creator, social media plays a big role in my job but still if I had to choose… I choose my mental well-being. So, social media breaks are essential for that. For myself as well as the people that follow me. I don’t want to give them a perfect story every day so they would think that I have a perfect life. FYI, no one has a perfect life. Although we can always try to make one. So, I believe even so-called influencers, bloggers, and vloggers need to take social media breaks once a while.

Do I feel good during those social media breaks?


My mind feels a lot lighter and happier. These social media breaks help rejuvenate my mind and body. This is something that helped me during my emotional breakdowns too. We are living our lives every day constantly feeling the pressure to not fall behind. To stay ahead in the race. To know what’s happening in others’ lives. With all these pressures, we are forgetting to live our lives the way we are supposed to. A lot of my friends are so occupied with work, earnings, and all, that they forget “today” is not going to come back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

How many things do you observe on your way to the office or school or college?

I’m sure you must have overlooked many people and things even at the places you frequent.


Because you see but you don’t look. Our eyes are glued to screen instead of the world in front of us. We need to stop and look carefully to know what and how many beautiful things you are surrounded by.

So, what do I do during my social media breaks? 

I do what I feel like. I do things that strengthen the connection with my inner self. Sometimes, I just lay on my bed, breathing in and out slowly until I feel like the time has slowed down. We all need a moment or two to breathe. Everyone says to be productive but no one says to sit back. But I do. I say, sit back and enjoy the “now”. Have you ever looked at the sky? Not just see, I mean, look carefully. You should try that during your break from social media. I bet you will enjoy it.

Let me know how you liked my idea. As you know, I’d love to hear from you all!!

Love, Nikki.

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43 thoughts on “Why I take regular Social Media Breaks?

  1. For many of us, social media can feel like an anxiety-fueled space, and it’s up to us to decide when to turn it off and not let the negativity seep into our personal space. Shutting off the noise on social media by taking a break can be the healthiest boundary you set for yourself.

  2. I also take brakes! Saturdays and Sundays, to be exact. Only one weekend per month I maaaybe post something on instagram, but mostly don’t even open it. I love how you manage your social media time and how it is good for you – and I think for everyone. xx

  3. YES THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. If I find myself getting bogged down with social media I slim down my following from accounts that bring on that feeling or drop the app all together. We spend way to much of our time on social media, cant be healthy.

  4. breaks are necessary and could relieve stress but at the same time some might find it hard because nowadays everybody is tapped into the web on way or another… some folks might have to go cold turkey lo

  5. Digital detox has become such a growing notion lately. I totally get your sentiment. I have started unfollowing accounts on various social media that I feel bring my energy down or waste my time. I also try to use the ‘zen mode’ to take breaks on a daily basis from this addictive device, OMG!

  6. You know what? I have never taken a social media break ever. Well, sometimes during fasting I restrict my myself to use Facebook and the other platforms, but with messaging part of it all, it’s quite hard cus I have my business linked to these things too.

    I wonder if I can take a proper break, though.

  7. It is always good to take break from social media. I hope this post will help some people to understand that life is worth living without social sites.

  8. Regular breaks from social media is so important to me too. All the reasons you listed are on point. I like to take a break to regroup my thoughts and figure out where I want to go!

  9. I too don’t like to give false impressions by posting every day an IG post. Agree with you, No one or very few have a perfect life. I too take breaks from social media and love to go on hiking with my family. A break is much needed to relieve stress and also it helps to rejuvenate and come back with more unique ideas.

  10. thanks for sharing this, lovely & great tips shared in this & i laways wishes to have social media detox 🙂 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  11. I couldn’t agree more! We all know nowadays most of the people are always on their phones and laptops surfing the world of internet. Keeping sane and facing the real world is important. This is a great read, thanks for sharing!

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