Stars Stuck On My Ceiling

Growing up, I had these glow in the dark stars painted on the ceiling of my room. In one corner, there was a moon painted on while in the other corner, there was a rocket. Every time the lights were turned off, the ceiling immediately lighted up with the stars. It was like having fireflies stuck on the ceiling. When I lie down on the bed, it felt like I had my own personal planetarium. It seemed so magical that made me stare at it half of the night. As a kid, I had the most fun of two things at our home. One is these stars stuck on my ceiling and the other, speaking doorbell (I had a smile on my face every time it said, “Open the door please”, sometimes I even used to mimic it). These things became quite common nowadays but then, they were pretty rare and special.

As time passed, I started sleeping with the lights on and slowly, the magic I once felt was forgotten. The saddest part is that I didn’t even realize that there used to be so much magic in my life. I became so occupied with the things that were happening and the things that were not happening. Like everybody, I have become super busy in building the life I want. Nothing wrong but still, I wish I could have retained the magic while building what I want. That’s something, right!

And lately, I happen to cross my paths with the same magic I had and I felt familiar. Like I have met an old friend of mine. One day, I sat with my family and suddenly, the power was gone. The moment lights were gone, the ceiling of the room lighted up just as it used to years ago. It was dark and all of us went, ‘Woah’  looking up. Later a few minutes, the power came back and my brother went and hit the lights off again. We haven’t moved until midnight and kept on chatting. It was just like how it used to be. And, all of us had the same thing on our minds at that moment, “it’s been so long.”

stars stuck on my ceiling
I wish I could show you the actual stars on my ceiling, but the camera isn’t capturing it. Maybe sometime soon. Look out for my Instagram updates.

We all have a few things which we hold close to our hearts while we were little. Even after growing up, we can still perceive them just as how we felt for the first time if we can take a moment and look closely. I feel once we start feeling like grown-ups we barely cast a glance at things and to our surroundings, let alone feeling the magic. As kids, we were captivated by anything that seems magical or special in some sort. Even the tiniest thing used to pique our curiosity. Even the most ordinary gift used to make us happy.

Soaking in the magic around us or feeling special isn’t just supposed to be a child’s thing. Everybody deserves to feel it. We forget the magic we naturally had and oblivious to that, we keep saying, “my life isn’t happening.” Don’t you think? Each of us has a thing in their life we feel something special about it. For me, it’s stars, basically everything about the sky. So… What’s your special thing? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you soon again!

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50 thoughts on “Stars Stuck On My Ceiling

  1. Is it sad that at the moment I can’t think of that thing that brings me to my childlike awe and wonder. Maybe it’s because I’m in work mode. Sometimes work mode shuts down that special side of us.

  2. For me, it’s baseball…and Star Wars…and comic books. LOL! Each of those subjects in the right setting with the right people is like a time warp back into an easier more carefree time of my life. I find myself reveling in my kids’ childhood anchors as well. Toy Story, Pokemon, and Sesame Street sweep me back into the nostalgia of their childhoods as well.

  3. Lovely written. This refreshed my childhood memories too as I had stars moon galaxy neon stickers on my ceiling. Often I remember that and can co relate to the moment lying down and looking to shinning stars in the skies while on my hiking/trekking trips. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I too loved the sky. There’s something amazing about it. I also loved the view from mountaintops. It’s amazing how time flies by so fast and as adults, we are too busy to notice some of those things that captivated us as kids.

  5. Such a great story and message. I think we all need to slow down and enjoy the moment. The simple things in life are really what it’s really all about. It’s funny as children, we don’t realize this but do it automatically without thinking about it. We lose that as we become adults! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Watching stars in the quiet sky used to be an enthralling memory of my childhood. Thanks for making me reminisce all the good old times 🙂

  7. great post! you’re totally right, some things remind us of our childhood , or what made us happy when we were younger, and these will always stay close to our hearts. Simple things!
    For me a simple chat with my siblings before going to sleep was my favorite!
    Thanks for sharing this and helping us to remember beautiful memories.
    – The Handy Journal-

  8. I think one of my favorite parts of raising my sons was the gift of being able to see things through their eyes, returning me to the sweet perspective of childhood. Now that they’re grown, I have to remind myself to hang onto that … thanks for the reminder!

  9. When I was young I wanted to be an astronaut so I begun reading about stars, the planets, space… EVERYTHING! Until life happened, and we needed to adult. I think 3 or 4 months ago, my brother and his family came to visit and my nephew has this book called ‘There’s No Place Like Space’, he was carrying it around and I looked at it and alll the memories of my childhood came back. I told him how I wanted to be an astronaut when I was young. Thank you for this nostalgic post!

  10. Lovely post. Completely agree, lots of things we experienced as a child should carry on through life and don’t for some reason. Like just being playful and using our imaginations. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Once in a while, especially when I am sitting in bed and thinking about my past, I remember little things vivid: the way my grandmother smelled or when I lost my first tooth. These memories are deeply embedded in my heart and can never leave.

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