The Stress Around New Year’s Is Real And You Know It

As the New Year’s Day is fast approaching, we all feel a bit discomfited. We are excited but a bit fazed as well. Whether you admit it or not, we all are ill at ease during this time of the year. You may ask, why? Because of the stress. I see two super common kinds of stress during new year’s.

Any guesses?

One, the stress to have a great time on New Year’s. To have that perfectly happening holiday. It feels like we are not living if we don’t party hard on New Year’s. All by yourself on New year’s day? Our mind keeps yelling on the inside “Boooorrriiinnggg.” Although this is common for all of us, it is more natural for students. There’s this constant nagging inside prompting us to do something, to show people your life is happening, to be “cool“. And social media has made this urge worse. Come on, without an update on Instagram, are you even alive? Pfft.

Two, the resolutions that we couldn’t keep up with, in the previous year, keep bothering us and we start wondering if the coming year would be any different. We feel we haven’t done enough in the last year, so the stress to figure out the new year gets started. And it is at peak on Jan 1st, but we will be back to normal the very next day. Can you relate to what I’m saying? Stressing too much at once on one day and absolutely relaxed on the very next, both are not ideal and super useless.

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Yes, the stress is real. And the reason for it is either the fear of missing out or the fear of being judged. The closer we get to New Year’s, the higher our disappointment rises. So, how do we cope with it?

  • Firstly, it’s important to let yourself know you are having a good time rather than the world. Do what makes you feel good. It is just for yourself. That is how you are going to have a great start for the new year.
  • Don’t try too hard. Just do what comes naturally to you. Sometimes, we all try to fit in but that’s utterly absurd.
  • It is what it is. If you have plans and you wanna go, then go and be ok with it. If you have zero plans and wanna stay home, then so be it and still be ok with it. You must know yourself so well by now that it should be a piece of cake to have fun anywhere, anytime.
  • Doll up no matter what. You don’t need “plans” to feel beautiful. I believe how you dress up influences your mood for the day.
  • Spend time with the people you are comfortable with. The ones that love you for being who you are.
  • I recommend this hard. Spend less time on the phone. It will pull you down with too many of the updates, notifications, and all. Take that long-overdue social media break.
  • Have your comfort food or something extravagant depending on your mood, but which shall fill your heart. Good food has this way of filling your heart along with your tummy.
  • Do not over plan the new year. Have short-term goals and be consistent in your efforts; Don’t miss the surprise element by over planning. That way you won’t be disappointed in the end.
  • And last but the most important, think happy thoughts. Acknowledge that you are doing fantastic.

This brings me to the end of this article. I hope you will have a stress-free, fantastically productive and fun 2020. I’ll see you again. Until then, keep spreading love.

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40 thoughts on “The Stress Around New Year’s Is Real And You Know It

  1. I love this! Your blog is gorgeous, and I totally needed these tips today! The Rachel gif is literally me, like most days of the year… Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. I agree with this article so much! I have horrible stress around Christmas/New Years’ time. It’s good to remember that we don’t have to celebrate and do things just because that is what is ‘expected’ of us. I also tried last year to do the shortlist of goals and broke down tasks for each goal to help accomplish them! It definitely helped! Great article!!

  3. This was a nice read. I like your thought process, that we should let ourselves know we’re having a good time rather than the world. It is an easy concept to understand, but quite tricky to keep doing it, but definitely one we should strive towards!

  4. I am just laughing hard on myself by reading your point about new year resolutions. This year I am just taking 3 resolution and fulfill all of them.  Your suggestions are so helpful, have a happy and less stressful holiday dear.

  5. I’m a big believer of short term goals as well! This is all such great advice heading into the New Year – I’m definitely going to jot down a few more of your tips!

    -madi xo

  6. Excellent post. I get this so much. Christmas is such a stressful time of year for a variety of reasons. I try not to have high expectations anymore because I’ve been left down so often before.

  7. I agree to the points you mentioned. Doing things we love can help ourselves the most wether it’s related to dressing, eating out, staying home doing stuffs that we like keeps our positive engagement to the things and starting up the New Year with full enthusiasm. Wishing you a very happy New Year as well.. in advance. Good read.

  8. I enjoyed reading your article. Really loved the tip to take a break from social media. This is so true. We get too involved in social media to impress people and show off.

  9. I know exactly what you mean. For some reason, I’m always the most stressed at the end of the year. I think self-care and setting goals can really help tonnes though. 🙂
    P.S. Love the Friends GIF! Rachel is such a cutie!

  10. thanks for sharing this, enjoying reading your sharing here, do agreeing with some of the stresses you have mentioned, cheers siennylovesdrawing

  11. I think many holidays has its pressures. I wont like I did say I want to do something big this NYE because its a new decade approaching so I did want to go out but no stress.

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