The Secret Positive Affirmations I tell myself every day

The journey of life is full of surprises. No one knows what the very next minute holds. The road we travel might turn out to be a flower bed or full of potholes. Nevertheless, we all learn our lessons and continue on our way. And for better journey and memories, we must constantly remind ourselves who we are, what we want and how fortunate we are for this life. Through positive affirmations. I do it myself as often as I could and I definitely think it made a lot of difference in my day and how I see things. This 5-minute activity can give you a head start for any day.

Words are indeed very powerful. Especially the ones you tell yourself. What you feed your mind is what you get. Now, you might wonder what I tell myself. My secret positive affirmations. Yep, that’s what I’m going to tell you here. The 5 secret positive affirmations I tell myself.

My Secret Positive Affirmations

  •  I am happy

Although we choose different paths and mediums, we all ultimately aim for one destination. Happiness! So, it is super important to tell ourselves we’re happy. With constantly saying this, even when things go utterly wrong we find something to be thankful for, something to be happy for. It may or may not change the situation completely but it’ll make a teensy difference which is all you want.

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  • I’m grateful for everything I have

Gratitude is a definite game changer here. Adding an ounce of gratitude to something you do will change the whole phenomenon of it. Being grateful for your past can get you the future you want quicker. If I’m not wrong and I’m not exaggerating there will be at least one thing you can be thankful for every day. Literally every single day. I know it. I felt it. And I believe it.

Or you can say ‘I have all the blessings of life.’ Either way, you are set on the right path to a better self. Though we all know that we all have our own set of blessings, we tend to forget that and start beating ourselves up over the most trivial of the trivial things. We know yet we don’t feel it. Forgetting how fortunate you are to lead this life is the worst feeling ever. I know. And the only way to rid of that is to tell yourself you are blessed more times than anything otherwise. This is how you get yourself to love you.

  • I have the power to attract what I want

Believing that you are at the helm of your life is what it takes to succeed. In everyone’s life, there would come such times where we feel we were overpowered by something. Though we can’t name it, we feel powerless. We feel incapable. At those times, you are not supposed to just be critical about yourself, instead, you must be reminded of the power you have. Try it.

  • I am worthy and I deserve the best

Yes, I am. But do I feel it? I do. Have I felt it always? Erm, I have, in one way. But there were certain times where I forgot that and fed the wrong thoughts. And I made a choice, conscious choice, to get out of that. I told myself this over and over again, I corrected myself when I thought wrong, I encouraged myself to think right (by right I meant the way it would help me grow).

Yes. This is my little secret and I hope you liked what you read here. If yes, leave a comment and tell me which one of these are you gonna tell yourself. As always, would love to hear from you!

Lots of LOVE,


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