Women’s day: Celebrate a Beautiful Creation like YOU

Happy women’s day!! You are beautiful. You are capable. You are smart. You are sensible. You are many things but being weak is not one of them. No one with a sound mind says that and even if someone did, it doesn’t matter. It truly doesn’t matter as long as you don’t believe that. It only gets scary when you start believing those baseless conjectures.

You may be a career woman or a family woman, you are holding much power within you to change the things around you. Don’t limit yourself thinking that playing any one role is empowering. Every word you speak, every smile you flash, every kind act you do, every step you take has the potential to contribute so much to this society.

Quit comparing yourself to either your brother, or your boss, or your boyfriend, or any other male figure in your life and start living for yourself. You are a beautiful creation of God and you should know it. The only person you should prove your worth to is yourself. Not to the society, not to the relatives that nag, not to the friends that brag about their own achievements. Just to yourself. Only then you could reach the place you always wanted to.

If you only care to prove yourself to others, it weighs you down and taking even one step ahead gets really difficult. Embrace your innate abilities and strive to become a better person. Stand tall for the good things you believe in.

women's day

On a serious note…

Issues around women these days are happening so often. And the root cause for most of the issues is objectifying women in movies and television shows. Movies and media have a lot of influence on society and on our minds. If the hero teases the heroin, we think it’s romantic, no matter how degrading the dialogues might be. That influential movies are. It is definitely the wrong way but you know why it’s still continuing? Because even women go to such movies and laugh it out. It’s happening in multitudes, so we think it’s fine. Where we should condemn, we are just laughing it off. We are hesitating to speak up.

Do you know what happens when you don’t speak up?

The same situation continues for generations. Remember, when you laugh at any women-degrading comment, your kids watch you and think it’s fine too. And within no time, they will copy your same actions. I could hardly ask people to speak up because most of them speak up in a wrong way. Especially about women empowerment, there are many wrong opinions prevailing. It is for the right cause but they advocate in the wrong sense.

So, remember, doing it the right way is just as important as speaking up when it comes to issues as big as women empowerment. That’s why next time when you receive a lame wife joke on the internet, or a degrading comment from someone, or a vulgar scene involving women, speak up and say ‘it’s not okay.‘ You may not change the world overnight but you will be changing the people around you and that’s a great start.

And on a not-so-serious note, have fun and celebrate every day of your existence with much love and smiles. This women’s day I wish women would take time for themselves more often and cherish who they are. Happy women’s day once again.

women's day

I’ll see you soon again. Adios!

Lots of LOVE,


(Penname: Sarvani)

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