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Yoga as a way of life: International Yoga day (15 Yoga poses)

Yoga, an eternal art. Yoga is not just an art but also a science. With the everyday practice of yoga, you will enjoy not just health but also contentment of heart and spiritual satisfaction. Yoga is intended for the physical and mental well-being of mankind. This form of exercise gives the spark to lead life to the fullest extent. Yoga is not just about perfection. It’s about passion and consistency. If one can practice yoga persistently, they can achieve a higher level of physical, mental and spiritual prosperity. Yoga is a long-established Indian science which is built on ethics and personal discipline. Yoga is not just an exercise but has to be a way of life.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is done through several asanas (postures) and pranayama in a systematic way. One need to unite both the physical and mental resources for attaining optimum results. These days, due to our busy lives, people are suffering from physical and mental ailments, as well. Modern-day life with its technological advancements is a mixed blessing. And the solution is right in front of us, YOGA.

5 things you should know before your first Yoga class

Sorts of Yoga

Yoga is a vast subject. Several authors have studied many kinds of Yoga: Raja, Hatha, Mantra, Laya, Bhakti, Karma and Gynan Yoga. There are several kinds to help you make Yoga a way of life.

If you are already a yoga practitioner, great. If not, gift yourself some Yoga on this international day of Yoga. Let’s see some asanas to include in your day.

1. Sukhasana

Let’s start with *Sukhasana*. Sukha means happy, effortless and comfortable. Along with the correct posture, you must relax your mind while doing this. Maintaining mental composure is the essential thing here.

a way of life
a way of life

2. Padmasana

Padma+asana=Padmasana. The Padma means lotus flower and asana means posture. First, sit in Sukhasana and hold the right foot and put it on top of the left thigh and vice-versa. Keep the palms as shown in the picture or the way you’re comfortable to feel relaxed. Meditation is also done in this lotus-like posture.
a way of life

3. Vrikshasana

Vriksha means a tree. This tree-like posture gives you a wonderful sense of balance. It requires a lot of practice to attain that balance.
a way of life

4. Dhanurasana

Dhanura means a bow. One of the difficult postures in Yoga, Dhanurasana. This posture makes one extremely flexible and gives a sense of balance.

a way of life

5. Virabhadrasana-1

Virabadra, a warrior from Indian folklore. This is a very powerful posture. That’s why it’s recommended not to do by those who have heart problems or high blood pressure.
a way of life

6. Parsvottanasana

The upper body stretches first up and next down over the front leg, with hands joined as namaste position behind the back. This is one of the most difficult asanas.
a way of life

7. Vajrasana

This asana is also called as *Virasana*. Vira means a hero. It would be a great posture to relax the mind and the body when you are exhausted. This posture is also good if done while doing meditation. It will instantly calm your mind.
a way of life

8. Virabhadrasana-2

This is the second warrior posture.

a way of life

9. Ustrasana

Ustra means a Camel. This vigorous backbend posture makes the shoulders mobile and opens the chest. This gives your body a good stretch.
a way of life

10. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

This upward pose is a vigorous stretch of the upper body.
a way of life
a way of life

11. Supta virasana

It is also can be called as Supta Vajrasana. Beginners can do this with a pillow below their back initially. Eventually, you’ll get the flexibility to do this asana without any aid.
a way of life

12. Baddha konasana

This is a “Cobbler” pose. It also has so many health benefits like every asana. Especially, this pose is good for pregnant women.
a way of life

13. Gomukhasana

“Go” means a cow and “Mukha” means face. This posture is one of the toughest postures in Yoga. Nothing but consistent practice takes you to this level in Yoga.
a way of life
a way of life

14. Adho Mukha Svanasana

This downward posture helps the heart relax and gives a good stretch to the body.
a way of life

15. Paripoorna Navaasana

It is also termed as Naukasana, which means a boat-like posture. The body has to be bent like a boat and hands should be like oars.
a way of life

Surya Namaskaras

Surya Namaskaras have to be done in a sequence. To know how to watch the video below.

Go to full-screen mode for a better view


Yogis: Prasad Chalamalasetty & Prasuna Chalamalasetty (My dad and mom)

Photo credits: Akhil photography (My little brother)

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