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10 things that helped me grow as a better person

Experience and life are the best teachers anyone can get. They try everything possible to make you a better person. Only if we can learn our lessons from those experiences we can make ourselves better. One’s struggle to be a better person should never end. Speaking of life lessons, I want to share what I have learned in my life so far that made me a better person than what I was once.

Things that help anyone be a better person

If these things could make me a better version of what I am, I’m positively certain these could help anyone be a better person. Also, New Year is just around the corner and what better time than New year to make these things your abstract resolutions. You can also know more wonderful new year resolutions here: 15 smarter New year goals that’ll transform your 2018 totally.

1. Giving second chances

When I give a second chance, I get the satisfaction that I made a wiser decision as we all do mistakes and it can happen to anyone. Because it might be a mistake indeed and I don’t want to miss someone genuine just cause of a little flaw. But I never give third chances cause I don’t want to make a fool out of myself.

2. Helping others fulfill their dreams

Recently I did something which gave me utmost satisfaction. My grandma loves singing and she has always regretted that she couldn’t learn music. So I asked her to sing a song and recorded it and posted it on my Youtube channel. It has a few hundreds of views but that made my grandma happily contented and that made me feel good about myself as well.

3. Working for a minimal amount

Once I finished my college I’m stuck at home and I didn’t like it that way. I have tried everything humanly possible to get some work but nothing worked for some time. After some time I have found a job which pays very little (You wouldn’t imagine how little, littlest of little indeed) but still, I took the job because I know that I need work more than money at that time. Tho it’s a little-paid job I’ve put all my efforts into it. And I strongly believe that’s my turning point (not the time but my attitude for work and life). After that, I started this blog and now I’ve also started working with brands. *Knock on wood*

4. Thinking with heart

This is the best thing anyone can do. I believe, your mind may be puzzled at times but your heart is never wrong. So when in daze go with your instincts.

5. Empathetic mentality

Whenever something happens I have this habit of thinking from others point of view as well. Tho it hurts sometimes or leads to people taking me for granted, I’m glad I do that because you never know what’s happening on the other side.

6. Not regretting

I’m also a human and I used to regret many things but now, I’m not regretting anything, thankfully. I’m happy I’m past that phase. I don’t know what helped me through that, maybe faking it till I make it, but I’m just glad I did.

7. Loving and appreciating myself

This is something I have been doing since I gained my consciousness and my biggest confidence booster. If someone asks me what to do to be confident I’d only suggest this, to love and appreciate themselves. No other trick needed.

8. Learning from others experiences

What we can learn from our own experiences is just a little drop in the ocean when compared to what we can learn from others experience as well (including ours).

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9. Never giving up on making life better

As I said before in this post, I have gone through a lot after I’m done with my college but I never gave up. I have tried everything from getting a job, taking up a new course, establishing a startup and lot more but nothing seemed to work that time, still, I didn’t give up. Then I started Nikki’s talk and see me now!

10. Book reading

I think everybody agrees with me here more than anything. I’m not used to book-reading before some years but now I enjoy it more than anything. That’s the only time I get to relax and be myself totally. I have also made a resolution for the coming year to read a minimum of 12 to 15 books.

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30 thoughts on “10 things that helped me grow as a better person

  1. It’s funny that you made this your first bullet point, but I also didn’t believe in second chances. Unfortunately, my sister died last year and I saw how many people arrived to pay their respects. She had so many friends who appreciated her, and I believe this was because she always gave people a second chance. I’ve come to think I shouldn’t just dismiss people at the first misstep. We’re all human, after all. Do unto others…, right?

  2. Hi,
    I can relate to #s 2, 3, 6, and 9
    Not regretting is important because you can only do what feels right at the time. My dad taught me that, and I never forgot it. Great advice.

  3. What a great list! Giving of yourself for others, practicing humility, and being persistent in achieving personal growth–that is what I got out of reading this post. And all have been so important for me on my journey as well!

  4. Really nice article. I agree with you about not giving too many chances. Sadly, what they say about “Givers Need to Set Limits, Because Takers Rarely Do” is true.

  5. These are are such great ideas! Some many of them I need to apply to my life this up coming year. Sometimes #7 is so hard to do but I feel like it is so important to understand and practice!

  6. OMG, YES! All of the things you mentioned are the meat of making ourselves better human beings. Self-awareness is key, and you’ve got that down pat! Thank you for sharing such valuable information for those of us who are trying to be better versions of ourselves!

  7. I agree with giving second chances, but not the third. I am a Scorpio. So, if someone hurts me again after the second chance, it’ll be cutting them out of my life forever. Maybe I should be a more evolved person, but that’s just me. 🙂 I had my shares of experience with working for a minimal amount too. It does built your character in some way — of keeping your head down and get things done. Not regretting is still a raw subject. It’s kinda hard to get over the regrets of the loss of life that you’ve built for 16+ years. Maybe in a couple years, I can look back and see the silver linings.

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