10 things for a happier day (Happiness boosters)

A happy day is something everyone wishes for. Sometimes we stay super happy effortlessly and sometimes we feel blue from the second we open our eyes (at times probably without even any reason). To save you from such a disastrous day we have a few pro tips. With this list of 10 happiness boosters, you will love yourself more than ever and also have a wonderful day. For that, one has to plan the day. By planning, I didn’t mean to plan every minute of the day (that’s next to impossible and stressful) but plan to include a few things that make the day better into your daily routine. Both over-planning and not planning at all have the same negativity, so plan your day a little.

Read on to know the 10 happiness boosters we have here for a happier day. I’m sure you’re gonna love all of ’em!

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1. Remember yesterday’s blessing

How we start a day is very important to know how it ends. So, why not start it with a smile. When you wake up, remind yourself of the thing that made you super happy yesterday or very recently. Start the day remembering something that made you smile. This is the first one of the happiness boosters to start a day positively.

2. Have sufficient sleep

The second one of the happiness boosters is adequate sleep. Less amount of sleep often makes you feel grumpy. Try to have minimum 6 hours of sleep every day. A little care for your health wouldn’t hurt anyone and also makes your day better.

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3. Physical activity

Physical activity is not just essential for a healthy body but also for a happy mind. Exercising every day boosts your energy and keeps you fit both physically and mentally. If you’re not that much into work outs and all, maybe Dancercise would make you interested. Those who love to dance can go with Dancercise. All you need is a good stretch that makes your day go lively.

4. Have enough food

A famished stomach never lets the brain function properly. If you don’t take sufficient food, you’ll stay cranky all day. Even over-eating is not good, it makes you slothful. If you’re on a diet, know our way of doing diet in a proper way that saves you from a grouchy day.

5. Express and acknowledge love

Expressing your love for your family or friends at least for once every day is the powerful one of all the happiness boosters. Take a little time for your loved ones and make them realize they’re still the most important part of your life no matter how busy you stay. Expressing your love for others is equally important as acknowledging their love for you.

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6. Pray

Pray at least for 10 minutes every day and try to connect to your inner-self. Like every other thing, don’t hurry to finish it. Doing it just for the sake of doing it won’t make much of a difference. Concentrate, try to calm yourself and feel the difference.

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7. Do your favorite thing before leaving for work

Let it be spending time with nature or painting or singing, do it before you leave for work. Basically, what I’m saying is try to do that which you love doing. Doing what we love and loving what we’re doing makes us happy, don’t they!

8. Power-optimisers cum happiness boosters

You might have heard about the phrases that fill one with positivity, confidence, and zeal. These have become quite popular and it’s all over the internet. For suppose, phrases like, I can do it or I will make most of this day or I will stay happy or anything that keeps you motivated. These can be said every now and then in a day and also when you wake up. Rather than just nattering away, say like you mean it.

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9. Try to connect with people rather than gadgets

Gadgets are taking over our personal space. If there are four people in a room, 3 out of 4 people’s eyes are glued on to the mobiles and all. Connecting with the people is more important than a lifeless mobile phone. Checking the mobile phone or Facebook newsfeed is the first thing in the morning for most of the people (including me but trying to change it). Too much involvement with the technology makes you preoccupied. So, avoid too much interaction with the technology.

10. Me-time

This is one my favorite happiness boosters. A little me-time is very much needed in these times. Have some me-time, either for learning a new thing related to your work or a hobby or to brush up your skills or to pamper yourself before going to bed. Do something for yourself as often as you can. It doesn’t have to be big but a little effort just for yourself will make your mood better.

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A well-planned day has its perks, isn’t it! Try to include a couple of the things or so to your day and you can see the difference yourself within no time.

10 happiness boosters

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58 thoughts on “10 things for a happier day (Happiness boosters)

  1. Great post. So easily we forget the little things that make life beautiful. I totally agree with number 10 by the way! I usually get my “me time” late at night when I blog or make food (yas food)!

    I think journalling is also a great one, especially if it’s kind of “random” journalling, with scraps of paper and memories and lots of color! It has definitely helped me!

    Thanks again for the post! Pinning.

  2. Sufficient sleep and me-time are HUGE ones for me, ifI miss out on either I turn into a stress-hedgehog!

    Thanks for ideas for other things to do to boost my happy!

  3. Great simple reminders that most of us tend to forget!All of your tips here are indeed very significant to boost your mood the whole day. Subscribed to your blog,love! Keep these inspiring posts coming <3

  4. Great ideas.
    Expressing and acknowledging love always help me.
    My family has a history of depression, and my mom always taught me, if I’m having a rough time, each night write down what you are thankful for in a journal and keep track of it.
    I found that helped me so much when I wasn’t feeling well.

  5. Great post! This is certainly something that I am working on. I think getting into the habit is half the battle as well. Just hitting the floor running in the morning instead of taking some time for meditation and such.

  6. This is a really awesome post Nikhila, i enjoyed reading this a lot. Happiness is the main motto of life always. bookmarked this for reading again as i love reading these kinds of posts to remind myself about happiness 🙂

  7. All of these are great tips. Exercise is my happy place! When I’m not able to get out and walk the dogs or do something to get my heart rate up and disconnect from everything else, I tend to get a little depressed.

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